Anything Is Possible With Sunshine And A Little Pink

Hey y’all! I am back after a two-day break! Sometimes a girl just needs a little time away for herself. Now I am back with another outfit that screams Lilly Pulitzer! So these pants are just so fun aren’t they? I bought them from a friend last year and get so many compliments every time I wear them! Just to let you in on a little secret, these pants are actually resort wear! I won’t tell if you won’t… and the best part is they are one of my favorite patterns! The pattern is called All Nighter and I own a headband and croakies in this same pattern. I love how bright the colors are.

lilly pantslilly pants 3.JPG

As for the shirt, it has been on the blog so many times. It is old and from Francesca’s. It is an oldie, but one I do not think I will ever get rid of. These earrings are arguably my new favorite statement earring. They are white flowers in a diamond-like shape. I got these for free because of a BOGO deal at a boutique called Handpicked. This outfit just screams happiness which I could use a lot of these days!


Hey y’all! I am back to tell you how my week is looking. This weekend was fun and relaxing, although I spent a large portion of it stress cleaning my room. I mean scrubbing the shower, dusting every surface, scrubbing on my hands and knees. I may have gotten a little out of hand.

Monday was spent catching up on some blog and school work! Many fun collaborations on the horizon! Tuesday was just one thing after another. Class, then office hours, ballet class, and then home to study for a math test Thursday and an anatomy quiz Friday. Today is spent in class and focusing on my test tomorrow. Thursday I have my last math test before the final. I am nervous! After my test and classes, I will be studying for my anatomy quiz and waiting for my boyfriend to arrive! Friday I have my retailing class and my dance anatomy quiz. After, my boyfriend and I may be heading to Charlotte for the day, but the plans are not definite yet. However, you can bet on seeing some new blog content and pictures from this weekend! Saturday we will be strolling the farmer’s market and enjoying the warm weather possibly poolside. Sunday or Monday I may be meeting my boyfriend’s grandma who is coming all the way from Washington state! I am beyond excited!

On a different note, I want to start getting more personal with you guys per your request on Instagram polls. For that to happen you guys have to reach out to me! Email me, dm me, or ask me any questions! To get a little personal right now, I have been really stressed lately and working it out at the gym with my boyfriend. I am proud to say I am starting to get abs and my arms are no longer complete noodles.

I would also like to share some other news with you guys! There will be quite a few collaborations coming up on the blog. I am focusing on bringing you guys good content and representing products I love. I have become a part of Dani Austin’s Sassy Club and it is the best decision I have made as a blogger! It helps me connect with other bloggers and ask any questions I may have in a non-judgmental environment. But, now for the thing I am most excited to tell you! My favorite blogger Morgan Bullard followed me on Instagram this weekend! I think I actually shrieked. I have been so active in her dms and likes in hopes that one day she would follow me! If you do not know who she is then go check her out now! Not to mention, her baby’s name is Olivia and in my opinion that is the best name! I may be a little bias though, being an Olivia too. See y’all this time next week for a new update!


Tunnel Vision

Hey y’all! I am really excited about this post. Although you have seen an outfit very similar to this one from NYC last summer, I styled it with different accessories and shoes. I am exemplifying that it is possible to be resourceful and repurpose clothing into another outfit. That is not even the best part. These pictures were taken in front of the best mural in Columbia, South Carolina. The mural is called tunnel vision and really makes it look like you are standing right in the middle of the road.

purple shirt 4.JPGpurple shirt.JPG

Now for the outfit details. These are my American Eagle white jeans I am always raving about so I will not waste your time on that. This shirt is from a boutique in NYC and is the best impulse buy I have ever made. My bralette is a white lace halter from Urban Outfitters and lastly, my shoes are Seychelles platforms. This shirt is one of my favorites and I am sure you will see it on the blog again!


Monogram Everything, Regret Nothing

Hey y’all! I am back with yet another monogram! I have had this hat since senior year of high school. I was given it as a gift and I believe it is from Etsy. The navy and hot pink are definitely my favorite combination. This outfit is super preppy so if that is not the way you dress I apologize in advance.

navy monogram 2.JPG

navy monogram 3

These shorts are from like 4 years ago from Old Navy and I am super proud of the fact I can still fit in them. This shirt has made an appearance on the blog before. It is the soft short sleeve Cynthia Rowley tee. This outfit is perfect for warm days. It is also super comfortable and allows you the freedom to run errands or adventure around the city. I love a good sporty baseball cap and the monogram adds the perfect amount of feminine. I cannot wait to wear this hat poolside when summer vacation starts in a few weeks!


Welcome To The Neighborhood

Hey y’all! So sorry I did not post yesterday! I spent the day deep cleaning and catching up on American Idol. It was a much-needed stress cleaning kind of day! I am feeling still stressed, but rather productive this Monday morning. I thought I would start this week off with a fun and playful note. What article of clothing brings you back to your childhood more than overalls?

overalls 6overalls 4overalls 3overalls 2overalls

These overalls have been on the blog before. They made their first debut during my first trip to New York last July. These overalls are from H&M and cost me nothing because they are and a hand-me-down from my oldest sister! I will always accept clothes that my sisters do not want because they are so stylish. It is really a win-win situation! I love the fit of these overalls. They have buttons up the side, they cuff on the bottom, and the straps can be worn straight for a looser fit or crossed for a tighter fit. They are extremely flattering too!

I paired the overalls with my favorite bodysuit. This is a pink ruffle off-the-shoulder bodysuit from Express. I got it last season and have styled it in so many different ways. I am obsessed with bodysuits simply because it gives you a tucked in polished look without having to tuck in a shirt. I know you all know the struggle of tucking in a shirt and it making a bulky roll in your pants or skirt. I cannot stand that and bodysuits solve that problem.

Lastly, the shoes. You guys know that I love my high top converse. I decided to wear them with this outfit to keep the element of fun and a hint of childhood alive.  I mean, I still feel like a child some days. Anyone else feel college is just like four years of losing your mom in the store?


My Hairstyle Is Called “I Tried”

Hey y’all! So many of you may have already seen on my Instagram, but I changed my hair! This is big for me because I have never dyed my hair. I never in a million years thought that I would have BLONDE highlights! I have always wanted to be blonde, but never thought I would ever see it on my head. The fun thing about them is they are brushed with an ashy toner. It creates a more cool blonde than a caramel. I am keeping this fun look for the summer!


Also, my hair has been a lot smoother and shinier lately. I owe this one to Soapbox Soaps. The argan oil shampoo and conditioner know just how to calm my curly locks. I have never found a shampoo that worked this well! I have been looking for years and have finally found my perfect shampoo! Not only is Soapbox Soaps a company with great products, but they are also a good cause. For every product you buy, they donate soap to a person in need. That’s not even the coolest part. They put a code on the back of their bottles that you can type into their website to see where your purchase sent soap. It is beauty with a cause! I know I will keep buying my shampoo from them and feel a sense of charity while doing it! I have linked their website here so you can shop with me!


Stu(dying) For Finals

Hey y’all! So it is almost summer for us college students which means finals are right around the corner. Today I am going to share some finals study tips with you!

Study in 15-20 minute intervals. I am the worst at this. I will study for two hours without any breaks, but that is not very beneficial in the long run. Your brain will actually just stop retaining information. During finals week I will be studying in 20-minute intervals and setting a timer. Then I will spend 5 minutes getting my blood flowing. Whether that is having a dance party or doing jumping jacks.

Online flashcards are the bomb. I make my flashcards on quizlet! I do not like to carry around a huge stack of index cards or spend the time handwriting that many. The best thing about Quizlet is you can take little quizzes or play practice games with the content from your flashcards. I also have the app on my phone so I can study on the go!

If you have papers due, start now. Luckily, I have had no essays to write this semester. Last semester I had a paper that counted as my final and I waited until the weekend before finals week. Take it from me, this is a terrible idea! Your brain will be in a thousand other places and you will have no time to give towards proofreading. Start now!

Do not wait until the weekend before to study. This is everyone’s biggest mistake. If you went until the weekend before to study for 5 or 6 finals you are just going to stress yourself out. You will never have enough time.

Do not pull all-nighters. I know about this firsthand. Staying up all night to study for an exam will not help you. Your body needs rest in order to retain and use information. Just trust me.

Eat healthy. Finals does not mean you have to binge on every bad food just because you do not have time to break from studying to cook. Meal prep is key. Cook something simple like chicken breast and rice. It is healthy and will fuel your body.

These are just some simple study tips. If you want some amazing finals week motivation go to Amanda’s blog and check it out. I will link it here. Good luck on your finals, dolls!