Thanks Fall, My Muffin Top Is Now A Pumpkin Roll

Hey y’all! Finally back again with another blog post! This will serve as both a mini weekly skinny and an outfit details post! I cannot wait for all the exciting things happening! What are you doing this fall? Taking any exciting trips?

First of all, I named the blog post this relatable title because that is how I am feeling currently. I feel like I am as large as a pumpkin. Life has been so crazy that I have been slacking on the gym, but I have been doing at home workouts and taking long walks to hopefully make up for it. Last week was crazy busy with tests and hanging with the pup! This week my weekend starts on Wednesday! That’s right… on Wednesday I am headed home to Virginia for fall break and I am bringing a friend with me who has never been to Virginia! I am so excited to show off how cute my little hometown is. Not to mention I get to go to the pumpkin patch, get my hair done, and enjoy some home-cooked meals. Nothing like being at home with your best friend and mama when your boyfriend is currently 2500 miles away until February. Christmas can’t come soon enough so I can see him. You better believe I am counting down the days! Anyways, while I am home I will be posting and shooting some new fall content as well as a giveaway so make sure you are on the lookout for that! I am also doing a Q and A blog post coming soon and I look forward to all your questions. Later today I will have a poll on my Instagram stories to see what y’all want to read about on the blog! I am so excited about all my new collaborations and fall outfits coming to the blog! I also am looking for recommendations of fall activities I should try to do this season so if you have any please email me!

orange sweatertucker 4.JPGorange sweater 2.JPG

Now time to talk outfits. As you all know I am really feeling the orange this season. So I am back with another early fall outfit since there has been a slight fall breeze here in South Carolina. I paired white linen shorts from Francesca’s with a Francesca’s orange open knotted back sweater and matching orange bralette. My shoes are white mules from Target. I also had to obviously have Tucker in my blog photos in case you get tired of seeing my face all the time you can look at his instead! I apologize in advance for all the orange you are going to see on the blog this season!


Caught a Serious Case of Fall Fever

Hey y’all! I am finally back to blogging because I got to shoot some fall content. I am feeling refreshed and excited to jump back in the blogging realm again! So who took my pictures you may be wondering? My boyfriend surprised me with a visit from California and we had the best week. How did I get so lucky?

orange dressorange maxi 2

orange maxi 3.JPG

So today I am sharing my new fall favorite. I am seriously obsessed with this rusty orange color for fall and I have found the perfect maxi! This maxi screams fall photo shoots in an open field or a gorgeous sunset engagement shoot. Before you go searching for it on your own I will tell you that my dress and choker are both from Francesca’s. My shoes are older and they are peep toe tan Steve Madden booties. I am so excited to share some exciting fall looks with you guys over the next couple of months. Who else has fall fever?



Hey y’all! I am back with another weekly skinny! This weekend I moved into my new apartment and it is adorable. I will be sure to post pictures and a blog post when it is mostly furnished. For now, I do have a picture in front of my building.

apartment building.jpg

So a little background about my building. It was a bank built in the 1920’s and 2 years ago they decided to make them into apartments. How cool is that? I have always been obsessed with the Roaring Twenties so I am loving living in a building built in that time period. Now I know I claim to be a fashion blogger, but this outfit is not a trend you need to follow! I was moving and I dropped a ceramic crock on my foot so real shoes just are not happening at this moment. Perfect timing I know…

The rest of this week will be spent getting settled into my new place and acquiring some textbooks and school supplies. On Thursday I start my first day of junior year and I am so excited to step on USC campus again! On Friday I leave for Texas finally! I get to see my boyfriend for the whole weekend after two months. I will also be in Texas for my 20th birthday on Sunday!

It is pretty crazy around here right now. Once I get back into the routine I will start regularly posting on the blog again! I am so excited for this new year and this new chapter in my life.



Hey Y’all! I am bringing back the weekly skinny! Now they will be on Mondays instead of Wednesdays! I just thought I should pop on here and update y’all a little. This summer has been nothing short of crazy!

A lot has happened in just the past week! I have been working non-stop because of tax free weekend. It was so fun, but also exhausting! I also took my very first trip to Ikea last week. I think that was officially the peak of my adulting. I mean I was in decorating heaven. I think I have found my second favorite place after Target of course!

I have a lot of exciting things happening this week. I am working 8.5-hour shifts, but extra spending money is totally worth it. I am also taking a lot of blog pictures for some fun collaborations so stay tuned for those. I am also packing pretty much everything I own into boxes because I head back to school in less than two weeks! I am so ready to start junior year and head back home to Carolina! What are you guys doing this week?


Distance Is Just A Test To See How Far Your Love Can Travel

Hey y’all! So as many of you know my boyfriend and I celebrate our one year anniversary tomorrow. Unfortunately, we will be celebrating multiple states away. In honor of our anniversary, I thought I would open up to you guys a bit about our relationship. Right now my boyfriend is in Texas and I am in my hometown in Virginia. He has been gone since May 1 and I got to see him for two days in June! Best weekend!

Long distance itself is hard enough, but with the military, it is a little different. During his basic training, he could not have his phone. Our communication depended on letters and very few phone calls. After basic, I flew to San Antonio for two days for his BMT graduation. Now he is still in Texas but onto his next training. Luckily, I have a trip planned to visit which happens to be on my birthday weekend at the end of August!

I thought I would write about some things that have kept me positive, some sweet things people have sent me, and some long distance tips. The first thing I am going to share actually came in the mail the day after my boyfriend left. Bowman Designs was sweet enough to send me this necklace which is actually an old penny that has been stamped with an o and a p for our initials. I wear this necklace pretty much every day. It reminds me that no matter if I cannot talk to him he is still there. If you have a significant other I totally recommend checking out Bowman Designs because her jewelry is seriously amazing!

bowman designs.JPG

The second thing I received was from my favorite online boutique, Charming Flamingos. This shirt was the perfect tee to wear on the airplane on my way to Texas. It was comfortable and everyone kept congratulating me for finally being able to see my boyfriend. I love this tee and have received so many questions about it and it is still available on the site and you can use the code VAPREPSTERS for 15% off. You won’t regret getting one for yourself!



Lastly, The Sassy Club has really supported me. There are a lot of women in the group with military experience that have offered me advice and kind words. Also my two sisters have experience in long distance relationships as well so we worked together to form some tips in case you are in a similar situation.

  1. Make time to communicate every day.
  2. Keep busy.
  3. Don’t be afraid to cry.
  4. Have confidence in your relationship.
  5. Send letters and care packages.
  6. Visit as often as possible.
  7. Steal one of their t-shirts or hoodies and wear it when you feel sad.
  8. When you talk don’t focus on how sad you are. Stay positive.
  9. Have weekly facetime dates.
  10. Surprise each other!
  11. Send messages of things that reminded you of them that day.
  12. Share all the details about your day.
  13. Stay romantic. Don’t lose the sparkle and don’t stop doing the little things.
  14. Honest communication is key.
  15. Countdown until the next time you will see eachother.



Hooray For The USA

Hey y’all! I hope you all had a safe and fun Fourth of July! So as many of you know navy is a major staple in my closet. So yesterday I had two outfit changes. I started the day in jean shorts and ended the day in a romper. My first outfit was shorts. My top is old from Urban Outfitters, my shorts are A New Day from Target, my hat is Nautica, and lastly my shoes are Target. I loved this super fun and functional outfit for running pre-ccokout errands.


My second outfit is my favorite romper ever! I honestly do not even remember where this romper is from, but I am utterly obsessed. It is America patterned with long horns! It is super flattering. I wore the same Target shoes. Fourth of July is my second favorite holiday and so this romper is the perfect patriotic outfit. I hope y’all had as much fun as I did yesterday.

briana.jpgbriana 2.jpgcoke.jpg


Hey y’all! I am back after a long pause. I know I have really been a sucky blogger lately, but there has been a lot going on around here! Last week I worked Monday through Friday and right after work Friday I headed to the airport. I finally flew to see my Airman! It was the perfect weekend!

On Saturday we went to the Riverwalk, saw a movie, went to the Alamo, and even went to a soccer game, Sunday we went to the San Antonio zoo and got burgers. Then sadly I had to head back to Virginia. I may or may not have cried on the plane…

This week I have been working the children’s theater camp as well as working shifts at Francesca’s. Yesterday I spilled coffee all over myself and the car right before I walked into work. So that is how my week is going. This weekend I plan to take blog photos and catch up on some rest. I am just here to keep it real with y’all. This week has been rough and to all you military wives/girlfriends out there I feel your pain! Long distance is not easy! But, the good news is that my airman gets his phone at the beginning of next week! That means no more snail mail! How is your week going?