Hey y’all! So I finally posted yesterday. I am slowly getting back into the groove of being home. I have been crazy with my various jobs. I have been interviewing and nannying. This week has been a little crazy. I have been trying to focus on the blog, but I have been a little distracted because I got my first phone call from my boyfriend since he left for basic. I have been on an emotional roller coaster y’all.

I know I have been saying this for weeks, but I really am getting back on a normal blog schedule. I have lots of fun content coming your way. I also have fulfilled a large dream of mine which is collaborating with FabFitFun. I wrote a post about it yesterday so make sure to check it out!

I am also looking forward to doing a question and answer blog soon. I need for you guys to comment any question you may have on this post, on Instagram, or email them to me at hello@virginiaisforprepsters.blog. Also coming up this week will be a little post about long distance tips and how I am personally dealing with it. If you have any experience with long distance please reach out to me! I am so excited for all of the collaborations and content coming soon!



Keeping it Fab, Fit, and Fun

Hey y’all! Sorry for my absence on the blog, but I am back here to tell you about my favorite subscription box. I have recently become a member of the affiliate program and I love being a #FabFitFunPartner. I have not yet received my first box as an affiliate, but I have received them in the past. I  love that they send full-size brand items. Usually, one full-size item equals the price of the whole box! Not to mention you get add-on items for cheaper prices and you get to customize your box! You even get to take a quiz so you can get items that fit your personality and lifestyle.

I cannot even tell you how many summer box unboxing videos I have watched. The summer box looks amazing. I have seen beach towels, sunscreen, make up bags, full Tarte contour palettes, and even clothing items. I am so jealous that I am getting the summer box for myself!

fabfitfun 2fab fit fun.jpg

For my loyal readers, I have a great deal for you. If you sign up using my link here you get $10 off with the code BEACHBABE. This helps both of us! Not to mention every few months it is like Christmas in a box! You will not regret signing up!


Do You Have This In Pink?

Hey y’all! Sorry I have been so absent from the blog lately! Finals and traveling home have certainly gotten the best of me! I am back again and so excited to share some new pieces with you guys! I have told you before, but I will tell you again, I am a rep for a small online boutique called Charming Flamingos. Each month I get two items from them! One of the pieces I will be showing you today. That is not the only good news. All of my followers get a discount on the website with the code VAPREPSTERS.



This outfit is casual and simple. Wednesdays at home are generally pretty busy so I tend to keep it comfy. This is a perfect outfit for on the go. I paired my cold shoulder tye dye shirt from Charming Flamingos with Lucky Brand jeans, white converse, and a pink choker from Francesca’s. I love this outfit and received compliments all day long! Nothing like a lazy Wednesday outfit!



Hey y’all! Olivia reporting live from underneath the stacks of books she is studying from! Don’t you just love finals week? Monday I had classes as normal. Tuesday I studied and took pictures of some friends. This morning I had my first final and it was seriously a breeze. Thursday I have a three-hour review for math and studying for two finals so I probably not be on the blog very much. Friday I have two finals and then I fly home for the summer! I am so excited to see my friends and family and get back to normal posting for you all. I have some really exciting material coming to the blog!

As many of you know, my boyfriend is now in basic. It has been so hard not being able to talk to him and I have been really sad. I decided to use this experience for some blog content with the help of my two sisters who have also had long distance relationships. So look out for that on the blog!

I am so sorry this week’s post is brief, but it has not been a very eventful week! I promise the blog will be more interesting next week! Thank you for all the well wishes and support!


Running Away From My Responsibilities And It Feels So Good

Hey y’all! So I thought this title was really fit for finals week and for an athleisure look. I decided to go with an all-black outfit because I am mourning the loss of my motivation! I promise that I am actually tackling my responsibilities not running away from them…

So this year I have made a point of living a healthier life. I have been eating healthier and even exercising more. On top of dancing Monday through Thursday and doing dance conditioning on Fridays, I have also been trying to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. My body appears more toned, I am wearing smaller clothing sizes, and I have so much more energy. I feel stronger when dancing too! It is amazing what your body can do when you fuel it with the right things!



Now we all know we have those days where we just lack all motivation to go to the gym. I motivate myself with cute gym clothes. It is no secret that I am clothing obsessed so cute items to workout in make me excited to go to the gym. I am in love with Fabletics. The black pants and shirt I am wearing are a matching set from Fabletics, the sports bra is Under Armour, and my tennis shoes are obviously Nike. I am always looking for cute and affordable athletic clothes and would appreciate your help. Would you guys want me to post a workout routine or some healthy meal ideas on the blog?


Whatever, I’m Still Fabulous

Hey y’all! Life has thrown a lot of curve balls at me lately so I have been living by this mantra. No matter if I barely make it out of bed, I am wearing no makeup and sweatpants, and my hair is wet I am still fabulous. Let’s face it, we as bloggers only show the good stuff not the bad. I wish I was confident enough to show you the bad but I am not. So as I sit at my desk in my sweatpants with wet hair, I will show you an outfit which was shot on a day I was looking and feeling fabulous!

navy scallopnavy scallop 2

This dress has been in my closet since the 10th grade. It sounds crazy, but I got it in a TjMaxx in Louisiana. When I bought it I never knew I would love scallop edges as much as I love them now. I have styled this dress so many different ways. I have styled it with a hot pink Lilly headband and hot pink jelly Tory flats, but today I kept it extra simple. I used to wear this dress to school, I have worn it to graduation parties, and even to dance recitals. I LOVE this dress! I tend to not like form-fitting dresses, but for some reason, this one is an exception. It hugs in all the right places, it is lined, and it does not stick to you when it is hot outside. I paired it with platinum Jack Rogers (not pictured) and my gold Sheila hoops! Perfect for date night!


Hey y’all! This week has been so far from easy. Last week I found out my boyfriend would be leaving for basic May 1. Tuesday was the last time I will see him until he graduates from basic. Now if that news isn’t enough… I held it together all weekend for his sake but then on Monday, I had two panic attacks. I had never had one before and it was the scariest thing I have ever experienced. After getting over that, today I had my ballet jury. It might sound strange, but this is basically when you dance in front of all your instructors and the head of the dance department. This determines what grade you will get in the class and what level you will be in next year. Talk about terrifying! However, I tackled that too! Thursday will be spent studying for my upcoming finals and trying to schedule some blog posts so I am not completely absent from the blog this week and next. Friday my first class is canceled, thank goodness! I can sleep in a little and head to my only class of the day. When I get home I will be writing letters to my boyfriend and watching Netflix with a face mask on. What a Friday night party animal! As for this weekend, I am trying to get some blog photos taken as well as study hard for my finals. Next week I have 3 finals and then I hop on a plane to go home Friday night! Who else is excited for the semester to end?

I also have some exciting announcements. Coming to the blog very soon will be a roundup of my favorite products and things I am loving right now. You will also see content from: Devoi Clothing, Halo Top, Victoria Emerson, Lash’d Up, Captivated Apparel, Sleepy Cottage, Sarah and Such, Bowman Designs, Charming Flamingos, Parker and Co, Persuade Boutique, Thirteenth Avenue, and many more! I cannot wait to share with you guys. I am super excited to blog more this summer! See ya next week!