Hey y’all! I am back with another weekly skinny! This weekend I moved into my new apartment and it is adorable. I will be sure to post pictures and a blog post when it is mostly furnished. For now, I do have a picture in front of my building.

apartment building.jpg

So a little background about my building. It was a bank built in the 1920’s and 2 years ago they decided to make them into apartments. How cool is that? I have always been obsessed with the Roaring Twenties so I am loving living in a building built in that time period. Now I know I claim to be a fashion blogger, but this outfit is not a trend you need to follow! I was moving and I dropped a ceramic crock on my foot so real shoes just are not happening at this moment. Perfect timing I know…

The rest of this week will be spent getting settled into my new place and acquiring some textbooks and school supplies. On Thursday I start my first day of junior year and I am so excited to step on USC campus again! On Friday I leave for Texas finally! I get to see my boyfriend for the whole weekend after two months. I will also be in Texas for my 20th birthday on Sunday!

It is pretty crazy around here right now. Once I get back into the routine I will start regularly posting on the blog again! I am so excited for this new year and this new chapter in my life.



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