Hey y’all! I am back after a long pause. I know I have really been a sucky blogger lately, but there has been a lot going on around here! Last week I worked Monday through Friday and right after work Friday I headed to the airport. I finally flew to see my Airman! It was the perfect weekend!

On Saturday we went to the Riverwalk, saw a movie, went to the Alamo, and even went to a soccer game, Sunday we went to the San Antonio zoo and got burgers. Then sadly I had to head back to Virginia. I may or may not have cried on the plane…

This week I have been working the children’s theater camp as well as working shifts at Francesca’s. Yesterday I spilled coffee all over myself and the car right before I walked into work. So that is how my week is going. This weekend I plan to take blog photos and catch up on some rest. I am just here to keep it real with y’all. This week has been rough and to all you military wives/girlfriends out there I feel your pain! Long distance is not easy! But, the good news is that my airman gets his phone at the beginning of next week! That means no more snail mail! How is your week going?


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