Eat Cake for Breakfasts

Hey y’all! So today I am back with another casual outfit that I just can’t get enough of! I will also be combining this outfit post with this week’s weekly skinny.

This pink and white eat cake for breakfast shirt adds the perfect feminine touch to an everyday casual outfit. I sized up two or three sizes to a large because I knew I wanted it to be loose. The tee is from express. I threw a knot in the bottom of it just to get a better peek at my jeans. My jeans are from h&m and I always get a multitude of questions about them! I added a pink lip and a white mule from target to finish the look!

Now onto the weekly skinny. This week has been crazy as per usual. Monday was spent running errands, cleaning, and going to the gym. Tuesday I nannied all day. Today we are pricing items for a yard sale this weekend. Thursday I will be nannying and attending a meeting for another job. Friday I will work at Francesca’s and help at the yard sale. Saturday is a yard sale day as well as a blog photo day. Then finally on Sunday I plan to get a little rest and hit the gym.

Now for a little bit of exciting news! I encourage everyone to check the blog Instagram tonight for an exciting announcement. Also in a little over two weeks I will be in Texas to finally see my boyfriend! The excitement is really beginning to set in!


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