Hey y’all! This week has been so far from easy. Last week I found out my boyfriend would be leaving for basic May 1. Tuesday was the last time I will see him until he graduates from basic. Now if that news isn’t enough… I held it together all weekend for his sake but then on Monday, I had two panic attacks. I had never had one before and it was the scariest thing I have ever experienced. After getting over that, today I had my ballet jury. It might sound strange, but this is basically when you dance in front of all your instructors and the head of the dance department. This determines what grade you will get in the class and what level you will be in next year. Talk about terrifying! However, I tackled that too! Thursday will be spent studying for my upcoming finals and trying to schedule some blog posts so I am not completely absent from the blog this week and next. Friday my first class is canceled, thank goodness! I can sleep in a little and head to my only class of the day. When I get home I will be writing letters to my boyfriend and watching Netflix with a face mask on. What a Friday night party animal! As for this weekend, I am trying to get some blog photos taken as well as study hard for my finals. Next week I have 3 finals and then I hop on a plane to go home Friday night! Who else is excited for the semester to end?

I also have some exciting announcements. Coming to the blog very soon will be a roundup of my favorite products and things I am loving right now. You will also see content from: Devoi Clothing, Halo Top, Victoria Emerson, Lash’d Up, Captivated Apparel, Sleepy Cottage, Sarah and Such, Bowman Designs, Charming Flamingos, Parker and Co, Persuade Boutique, Thirteenth Avenue, and many more! I cannot wait to share with you guys. I am super excited to blog more this summer! See ya next week!


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