Anything Is Possible With Sunshine And A Little Pink

Hey y’all! I am back after a two-day break! Sometimes a girl just needs a little time away for herself. Now I am back with another outfit that screams Lilly Pulitzer! So these pants are just so fun aren’t they? I bought them from a friend last year and get so many compliments every time I wear them! Just to let you in on a little secret, these pants are actually resort wear! I won’t tell if you won’t… and the best part is they are one of my favorite patterns! The pattern is called All Nighter and I own a headband and croakies in this same pattern. I love how bright the colors are.

lilly pantslilly pants 3.JPG

As for the shirt, it has been on the blog so many times. It is old and from Francesca’s. It is an oldie, but one I do not think I will ever get rid of. These earrings are arguably my new favorite statement earring. They are white flowers in a diamond-like shape. I got these for free because of a BOGO deal at a boutique called Handpicked. This outfit just screams happiness which I could use a lot of these days!


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