Hey y’all! I am back to tell you how my week is looking. This weekend was fun and relaxing, although I spent a large portion of it stress cleaning my room. I mean scrubbing the shower, dusting every surface, scrubbing on my hands and knees. I may have gotten a little out of hand.

Monday was spent catching up on some blog and school work! Many fun collaborations on the horizon! Tuesday was just one thing after another. Class, then office hours, ballet class, and then home to study for a math test Thursday and an anatomy quiz Friday. Today is spent in class and focusing on my test tomorrow. Thursday I have my last math test before the final. I am nervous! After my test and classes, I will be studying for my anatomy quiz and waiting for my boyfriend to arrive! Friday I have my retailing class and my dance anatomy quiz. After, my boyfriend and I may be heading to Charlotte for the day, but the plans are not definite yet. However, you can bet on seeing some new blog content and pictures from this weekend! Saturday we will be strolling the farmer’s market and enjoying the warm weather possibly poolside. Sunday or Monday I may be meeting my boyfriend’s grandma who is coming all the way from Washington state! I am beyond excited!

On a different note, I want to start getting more personal with you guys per your request on Instagram polls. For that to happen you guys have to reach out to me! Email me, dm me, or ask me any questions! To get a little personal right now, I have been really stressed lately and working it out at the gym with my boyfriend. I am proud to say I am starting to get abs and my arms are no longer complete noodles.

I would also like to share some other news with you guys! There will be quite a few collaborations coming up on the blog. I am focusing on bringing you guys good content and representing products I love. I have become a part of Dani Austin’s Sassy Club and it is the best decision I have made as a blogger! It helps me connect with other bloggers and ask any questions I may have in a non-judgmental environment. But, now for the thing I am most excited to tell you! My favorite blogger Morgan Bullard followed me on Instagram this weekend! I think I actually shrieked. I have been so active in her dms and likes in hopes that one day she would follow me! If you do not know who she is then go check her out now! Not to mention, her baby’s name is Olivia and in my opinion that is the best name! I may be a little bias though, being an Olivia too. See y’all this time next week for a new update!


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