Welcome To The Neighborhood

Hey y’all! So sorry I did not post yesterday! I spent the day deep cleaning and catching up on American Idol. It was a much-needed stress cleaning kind of day! I am feeling still stressed, but rather productive this Monday morning. I thought I would start this week off with a fun and playful note. What article of clothing brings you back to your childhood more than overalls?

overalls 6overalls 4overalls 3overalls 2overalls

These overalls have been on the blog before. They made their first debut during my first trip to New York last July. These overalls are from H&M and cost me nothing because they are and a hand-me-down from my oldest sister! I will always accept clothes that my sisters do not want because they are so stylish. It is really a win-win situation! I love the fit of these overalls. They have buttons up the side, they cuff on the bottom, and the straps can be worn straight for a looser fit or crossed for a tighter fit. They are extremely flattering too!

I paired the overalls with my favorite bodysuit. This is a pink ruffle off-the-shoulder bodysuit from Express. I got it last season and have styled it in so many different ways. I am obsessed with bodysuits simply because it gives you a tucked in polished look without having to tuck in a shirt. I know you all know the struggle of tucking in a shirt and it making a bulky roll in your pants or skirt. I cannot stand that and bodysuits solve that problem.

Lastly, the shoes. You guys know that I love my high top converse. I decided to wear them with this outfit to keep the element of fun and a hint of childhood alive.  I mean, I still feel like a child some days. Anyone else feel college is just like four years of losing your mom in the store?


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