Stu(dying) For Finals

Hey y’all! So it is almost summer for us college students which means finals are right around the corner. Today I am going to share some finals study tips with you!

Study in 15-20 minute intervals. I am the worst at this. I will study for two hours without any breaks, but that is not very beneficial in the long run. Your brain will actually just stop retaining information. During finals week I will be studying in 20-minute intervals and setting a timer. Then I will spend 5 minutes getting my blood flowing. Whether that is having a dance party or doing jumping jacks.

Online flashcards are the bomb. I make my flashcards on quizlet! I do not like to carry around a huge stack of index cards or spend the time handwriting that many. The best thing about Quizlet is you can take little quizzes or play practice games with the content from your flashcards. I also have the app on my phone so I can study on the go!

If you have papers due, start now. Luckily, I have had no essays to write this semester. Last semester I had a paper that counted as my final and I waited until the weekend before finals week. Take it from me, this is a terrible idea! Your brain will be in a thousand other places and you will have no time to give towards proofreading. Start now!

Do not wait until the weekend before to study. This is everyone’s biggest mistake. If you went until the weekend before to study for 5 or 6 finals you are just going to stress yourself out. You will never have enough time.

Do not pull all-nighters. I know about this firsthand. Staying up all night to study for an exam will not help you. Your body needs rest in order to retain and use information. Just trust me.

Eat healthy. Finals does not mean you have to binge on every bad food just because you do not have time to break from studying to cook. Meal prep is key. Cook something simple like chicken breast and rice. It is healthy and will fuel your body.

These are just some simple study tips. If you want some amazing finals week motivation go to Amanda’s blog and check it out. I will link it here. Good luck on your finals, dolls!


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