Every Flower Must Grow Through Some Dirt

Hey y’all! So I am ending the outfits by Chosen the same way they began, Florals. This is yet another floral dress. It is completely different from the first one. The silhouette is more like a fifties housewife. The top is a simple button down with a collar. The skirt flairs out from the waist and is flattering on all body types. The pattern is exquisite and not at all cheap looking. For any of you floral lovers out there you know there is a thin line between expensive and cheap. I seriously cannot get enough of this floral!

floral 1IMG_3018floral 2

This floral is almost a completely different look than the other one. This one is a little more fun and not as much of an everyday look. This navy floral had accents of light blue and I just happened to have matching ballet flats. These flats are super old Nine West from Marshall’s. If you ever see a pair remotely like them, get them. They are stylish and comfy! I decided to style this dress with a little more of a twist. This dress is so fun and different than anything I have in my closet. This would be perfect for spring parties and events. Maybe I will have to add this one to my wardrobe too. Chosen is definitely going to be my new go-to place for all things pretty!


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