Hey y’all! This week is nothing short of insane! The next three weeks are going to be a whirlwind of crazy, not in a good way! So I have been working extra hard to schedule lots of future blog posts to keep the blog active while I am studying and taking finals and moving out. Who else is so ready for summer break?

Monday was an exhausting day. I scheduled all the blog posts for the week, starting with four outfits from Chosen. I am beyond excited to share this experience with y’all! It was a dream come true. Tuesday I had a math quiz, a workout session, and studying for lots of upcoming tests. Today I have a phone interview for a summer job and more studying. Then tonight I am going to a fundraiser at Pelican’s because I always need an excuse for charity and snocones! Thursday I have another math quiz and an Environmental test. After that I plan on face masks and movies followed by more studying for my math quiz on Friday. This weekend will probably be spent grocery shopping, cleaning, starting the packing process, and of course lots of shooting for the blog. I am supposed to get lots of blog happy mail this week!

I also wanted to share with you guys something I have not shared with people yet. I have changed my major! I was an accounting major and I just was not passionate about it at all. I decided to change my major to retailing with a focus in fashion merchandising. As many of you know, I want to be a corporate attorney. However, I have a very large passion for fashion. (did not mean to make that rhyme I swear) I have decided to try to combine my two passions. I am hoping to be a fashion lawyer. That means that I would basically be a corporate attorney, but for all fashion companies! How fun is that? If I decide to not go to law school then I could be a buyer. I am really excited and nervous about this major switch. I thank you guys in advance for being so supportive! See you next Wednesday!


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