Lady In Red

Hey y’all! So this has got to be my favorite outfit I shot in from Chosen. I think it also is my favorite two piece I have ever seen! I love that it is red and has the tassel detailing. We all know I love a good tassel! This outfit could be paired with a red lip and put into a Coke ad. Hey Coke, if you want to sponsor me now is your chance. A girl can dream.

red romper 1red romper 3red romper 4red romper 8IMG_3068

What I love most about this two-piece outfit is that the pieces would be just as cute worn separately. This top would be adorable with just a pair of jeans. The shorts could be cute with a black shirt or anything of that nature. I decided to style it as a two-piece. I paired it with my around the ankle Seychelles wedges. I am obsessed with these shoes! Best end of the season purchase last year. I decided to opt for no jewelry to let the tassels talk. I did reach for a pair of all black aviator Ray Bans to polish the look.

I had so much fun shooting this outfit. All the laughs, spins, and smiles are genuine. I do not think it is even possible to be in a bad mood in this outfit. The vibrant red and swinging tassels add an element of fun to a normal day. I think everyone needs a stylish two-piece and I definitely recommend this red one!


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