After Tuesday, Even The Calendar Goes W T F

Hey y’all! Doesn’t this title just describe how the week is going? This week has been insane, to say the least. I have been a little stressed and down this week so I have been trying to get up and put on clothes that bring me joy. However, I did say it was a crazy week so that means these clothes must be practical and comfortable while walking all around campus.

It is finally spring weather which means break out the white jeans! I post a lot of outfits with these white jeans, but that is because they are so fabulous! These jeans are the perfect length and fit. They are from American Eagle in case I forgot to tell you. I paired these white jeans with a colorful and detailed tank. The tank is a cobalt and white pattern with chartreuse trim and a ruffled bottom. I am loving all the details! This outfit was easy to throw on and the bright colors make me feel alive!

tank 3.JPG

Most people on campus can be spotted wearing norts and a t-shirt or even pajamas. Don’t get me wrong, I walk around in norts too, but if you get dressed you feel better! I almost trick myself into thinking I have my life together! Whatever works, am I right?


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