I’m A Seersucker For A Boy In A Bowtie

Hey y’all! Here I am with another outfit. I call this my country club mom dress! I love this dress so much. It is flattering and comfortable. This is the dress I was supposed to wear for the Carolina Cup last year, but it did not come in time. Instead, I wore it for Easter.

This dress is a gray/blue seersucker with a navy monogram in the corner. I bought this dress for less than $50 from United Monograms last spring, I am still so obsessed with it. It is so classic preppy and I can be diverse with my shoe choice. Some days when I wear it I want to dress it up more and wear wedges. Sometimes I wear it just with Jack Rogers like in these photos. This dress is perfect for a graduation party, church, Easter, and so many more occasions that will present themselves this summer. I have even worn this dress just for work before and received an endless plethora of compliments.

I think seersucker is crisp and a characteristic of the timeless preppy style. Seersucker just screams summer to me. Everyone knows I will never turn down a monogram either. I live by the same motto as Reese Witherspoon, “If it’s not moving, monogram it!”



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