Wear Stripes Of Every Stripe

Hey y’all! I am back yet again with another outfit! I really like stripes as you can tell because this is at least my third post on stripes! I am a sucker for a striped top and this one was definitely speaking my language. I found this top at Marshall’s at the end of the season last year. I love the light blue color and the fact that it ties in the front. Plus I cannot complain about the price either because I got it for less than $10. Another detail about the shirt I love is that the stripes on each side are going a different direction. This shirt is very flattering and has a crisp look to it.


These are my favorite white jeans. They are actually a hand-me-down from my best friend. They are American Eagle and extremely flattering. Usually, I feel like my legs are giant marshmallows in white jeans, but with these, that is not the case. They are perfect to cuff and a good length to wear with wedges too. They are like the skinny jeans of white pants.

Now let me take a minute to talk about these shoes. I found these shoes when I was moving into college this year. They were in the clearance section in Monkee’s of Columbia. They were less than $50! Jack Rogers are pretty much the only sandal I wear so when I see a pair on sale I snag them! They are different than the traditional Jacks. They do not have a stacked heel. The white part of the sandals is actually a linen fabric piped with gold on the edges of the sandals.

Lastly, the earrings. These earrings were on sale for $6 at Target. They are Sugarfix by Bauble Bar. I am so glad I got this color. When I bought them I thought I would never wear this color but boy was I wrong. They go with plenty of outfits in my closet and added the perfect element of fun to this outfit. This outfit is simple yet polished and I cannot wait to wear it this season!


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