Hey y’all! This week has been nothing short of interesting. Monday morning the fire alarms went off in my building at 7:45 am. Luckily I was already awake for my 8:30 class. Still, such an abrupt way to start your morning. I also had a really good workout at the gym, did all my homework for this week, and folded all my clean laundry. Tuesday I started my day by spilling my hot water for my coffee all over myself. Mornings are just not good news for me this week apparently. The rest of Tuesday was spent dancing, blogging, cleaning, working out, and studying for my test on Thursday. Today I am going to my classes then getting my nails done with a friend and after that off to the gym. All of tonight I will be studying for my math test Thursday. Thursday I will take my math test and go to the gym and catch up on some blog stuff. Friday night I will hopefully be rollerskating or playing mini golf! Saturday I am heading to Charleston for a beach day and Sunday is Easter.

Sadly, I do not get any time off for Easter so it is too crazy for me to go home. I decided a fun day trip to Charleston is exactly what I needed and coincidentally my friend will be there too so we have decided to meet up at the beach. Sunday I was thinking I would go to church and get some brunch and then just spend the rest of the day outside because it will be beautiful here. I am hoping all of our chillier days are finally behind us because the weather is looking perfect in the upcoming days. It may seem like I have a plan for Easter, but it is really hard for me to not be able to be with my family. Easter is my second favorite holiday and coming from a Catholic family, a very important one. Nevertheless, I will have a relaxing weekend and return to class sunkissed on Monday. What are your plans for Easter?


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