I’m The Elephant In The Room

Hey y’all! I know what you’re thinking, not another post about politics. Well, you are in luck because this is not at all political although the title does nod at my political ideology. I just could not resist this title to show you this very fun dress.

Elephants are my favorite animal so naturally anytime I see them on a cute article of clothing I just cannot resist! This dress was found at a boutique in my hometown. I love the bright spring colors. As if it was not perfect enough, the dress also has pockets! For some reason, I am obsessed with dresses with pockets. I kept the accessories and shoes minimal due to the pattern of the dress. If you cannot see it, the elephants have sort of an aztec print to them. I love the detail and I love how simple the silhouette of the dress is. So now that you know my favorite animal, what’s yours?



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