You Are The Pineapple Of My Eye

Hey y’all!  I am a lover of pineapples. I am not a lover of the taste, but I love the look of pineapples. I dress and decorate with pineapples, but ironically I cannot stand the taste. Well in the South pineapples are a sign of hospitality and wealth which is just the frosting on the cake. I really try to assimilate into the Southern way of life so the pineapples are aiding in that.

This first outfit is simple. I am wearing a pair of scalloped shorts with a yellow lined hem and adorned with pineapples. I paired the shorts with a short sleeve navy Cynthia Rowley shirt. I encourage everyone to get a Cynthia Rowley tee. This shirt is the softest tee I own hands down! I kept the shoes simple with some classic platinum jacks. I accessorized minimally with some Sheila gold hoops which are definitely my new favorite.

This spring I have decided to keep my outfits simple, but preppy. I am going to be quite busy this spring and summer so I am going for cute and functional. I am trying to be better about wearing athletic clothes to class every day. I am trying to narrow it to one day a week and when working out. The comfort of athletic clothes is what I love so I have decided to find cute clothes that give me the same comfort as athletic ones would. Don’t we all just want to be comfy?




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