Alright Spring, Do Your Thing

Hey y’all! Another spring outfit is coming your way to get you into the spirit and give you dressing inspiration. Personally, I love dresses in the spring and summer. Going to school in South Carolina, pants and other long things stick to you and hold in the heat! A dress allows the perfect breeze and does not cling to me in hot weather.

I have a soft spot for florals. I know it is cliche to wear florals in spring, but I do it anyways. I love flowers and I love the bright colors that floral patterns offer. I searched my closet and found this perfect dress that I got for Christmas this year. It is floral, one-shouldered and trimmed with tassels. That is combining all my favorite clothing details into one dress and it is perfection. Altar’d State will receive all of my praises for making this dress! I kept it simple and let the dress do the talking by pairing it with Jack Rogers and pearl earrings. It is truly the perfect spring outfit!



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