Hey y’all! Last week was crazy. It was spring break and computer died! I had so much catching up to do at the start of this week. I had to catch up on blog and school work. On Monday it was so hard to get moving. I got home at 2 am and then just could not fall asleep. Thankful for my Wink Naturals Zen melts!

Tuesday I attended my classes. Then I unpacked all my bags and planned many blog outfits. I shot four looks yesterday and they will make their appearance on the blog throughout the rest of this week. Today I had a test in my retailing class and I think I did well! That is a great end to my hump day.

Thursday will be spent organizing, blog planning, cleaning, and doing laundry. I feel like I am still trying to catch up. Spring break was relaxing, but it sure did throw me off of my schedule. I am working hard to get back on track. This weekend we will have fairly good weather. I am hoping to do something fun like mini golfing, rollerskating, drive-in movie, or the zoo. I will also be shooting many more looks for the blog in the next few weeks.

I am also excited to announce that I only have about six and a half more weeks until I am home for the summer. I am looking forward to relaxing a bit. However, for those of you who have been asking, I will continue blogging this summer while working and taking some college credits in my hometown. The next six weeks will be filled with pre-finals prep. I am so ready to buckle down and finish out this year strong!

My last order of business is regarding blog content. I am going to create a google survey where y’all will be able to write what you want to see more of on the blog. I am interested in getting to know my followers and writing posts about things you are interested in! I hope to hear from all of you! Thank you for religiously reading my posts and being active on my Instagram.


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