Hey y’all! I am so sorry I have been completely absent from the blog and Instagram this week! I am home for spring break and I have been enjoying time with friends and family. This week my laptop crashed. I guess it was about time considering it was a MacBook Pro from 2010… but still, the timing is always unfortunate. Today I purchased a new laptop and got it set up and all is well with the world again.

On Monday I took ballet at my old dance studio. It was thoroughly enjoyable. It was so nice to be back dancing again in somewhere that feels like home. It made me realize how far I have come in both dance and life. On Tuesday I went down to the Apple Store to see if there was hope for my laptop. The answer was no of course. So Wednesday I decided to forget my troubles and go with my family and friends to a new ramen bar in town. To say it was completely delicious would be an understatement! If you ever find yourself in Fredericksburg, VA visit Mian noodle bar. Tomorrow I plan to continue catching up on both school work and blog work. I am so sorry again that I have not been as present this week as I wanted to be. Saturday I will be playing the role of assistant costumer for the day. My mom makes all the tutus for my old dance studio. Now I did not get the sewing gene, but I can handle a mean safety pin! Then to end the week we will be attending my former dance studio’s production of Peter Pan then heading back to South Carolina.

It has been so nice to have a break and be home. Unfortunately, coming home to Virginia resulted in weather more suited for winter break than spring break. Nonetheless, I am feeling refreshed enough to get through these last six weeks of the semester. Can you believe how this school year has flown? Thank you for not getting too frustrated with me and my lack of focus this week! I promise to be back and posting regularly next week!


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