Hey y’all! To say this week started out on a bad note would be an understatement. On Sunday my laptop went from working perfectly to having a failing hard drive. I swear to you I can not catch a break! Thank goodness my spring break is right around the corner.

First of all, I wanted to announce that the blog now has a Snapchat. The snapchat username is vais4prepsters. I will use the snapchat to post some daily outfits, happy blog mail, announce new blog posts, and hopefully another way to connect with all of you.

This week is the insanity before the relaxation. A little backward considering there is usually a calm before the storm. Monday I spent the morning in class fueled by a large amount of caffeine in my veins. Then I took my poor laptop to tech services and paid a visit to the financial aid office. Tuesday I had a quiz in math. Today I am staying busy with studying for my dance anatomy and kinesiology midterm on Friday. I am also packing to go home. Thursday I have another quiz in math and have to finish last minute laundry and packing. Finally, after my midterm, I am headed on a 6.5-hour journey home. I will get some much-needed pampering and rest. I am looking forward to sleeping in a normal sized bed and taking many hour-long baths. I also get to see my old dance studio perform the ballet version of Peter Pan.

I have been trying to give you guys a lot of new content on the blog. I have been trying to post a lot more outfit pictures and have been working diligently on collaborating with companies. So look forward to more outfit posts and a little peek into my hometown during my spring break. It is my goal to post both relatable and entertaining content on my blog and I love hearing ideas from all of you! Please never hesitate to contact me! I hope your week started off better than mine, but regardless I will end it on a high note! See you for next week’s Weekly Skinny from Virginia!


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