Hey y’all! So this week we are going to have to do things a little differently. As many of you know last night was the finale, but it is continuing onto tonight. So today I will write about last night and tomorrow I will write about tonight. A little confusing, but Arie has really thrown us through a loop. Reason number 123678900 I cannot stand Arie. Anyways, here it goes.

Arie is still in Peru with the two remaining girls. We have Lauren and Becca. In this episode, both women still have to meet Arie’s family. First it pans over to Lauren drinking champagne and writing in her journal. What thoughts could she possibly have riveting enough to journal? She doesn’t even speak. I will save that rant for another time. The camera follows Arie to his family. Arie tells his dad he is in love with two women. His dad basically just says well that is tough and good luck. I guess a player raised a player and the apple did not fall too far from the tree this time. As for Arie’s mom, she kind of looks like a bad version of Krystal when she gets older, but that’s beside the point. Also, did I mention that all of Arie’s family members have blonde spouses? Becca, I think you might be outnumbered.

Lauren is the first to meet Arie’s family. She keeps emphasizing the fact that she has never thought it was such a big deal to meet someone’s parents until now. She has been engaged twice before so you would think she has the meeting the parents thing down, but apparently, that is not the case. Arie awkwardly hangs all over Lauren while talking to his parents and she is not really returning the affection. Then we get the most Lauren answer ever. Arie’s parents ask her what her favorite date with Arie was and she says ALL OF THEM. I mean you went to Paris and you’re in Peru… Arie tells his parents that his only concern about Lauren is that he has to keep reassuring her because they haven’t had many deep conversations. Maybe because Lauren is about as deep as the kiddy pool, just a suggestion.

Now it is time for Becca to meet the parents. I have to say I was loving her outfits this episode. She even looked nice to meet the parents and pulled the timeless fashion move, putting a blazer over a dress. I am here for it because we have all done it. Becca is super nervous because she feels like she can’t hold a candle to Lauren when it comes to meeting the parents. Arie’s parents ask Becca so many questions and every conversation seems to start with Lauren. Arie’s dad tells Becca that either one Arie picks he is fine with. At the end of the night, we learn that Arie’s family unanimously picks Becca. They think she is a good person and does not always have to be reassured of their relationship.

Now each lady gets a final date and a final evening with Arie. First Lauren and Arie take a private train to Macchu Pichu. While in Macchu Pichu, they hide somewhere in the ruins to get out of the lens of the camera so they can make out. DISGUSTING. Arie you need to get it together. Arie brings u the topic of their life together and Lauren describes the most basic life ever. Arie cannot get over their indescribable and undeniable connection. Yes because saying you’ll make dinner together means you guys are emotionally connected.

Becca’s last date is walking around the city. I think Becca got the less exquisite side of the deal and the less exquisite fantasy suite last week. Poor Becca. They sit outside and drink smoothies and they both say there is nothing wrong with their relationship. Becca also states how different she and Lauren are and thinks that if Arie wants an equal partnership than he will pick her.

Now it is time for Arie to make the last decision. He wakes up in the morning and still has no idea what he is going to do. This is very comforting. So long story short he sends Lauren home crying and proposes to Becca. Becca gets drunk on champagne and shows off her engagement ring. When this proposal happened I did not really feel anything, but I think we all know I would rather Becca than Lauren. Then Arie and Becca ride off into the sunset.

It shows Becca and Arie having a great time on their couple visits. They relax outside, play chess, make pizza. Then in an interview, Arie says he is still waking up thinking about Lauren and going to sleep thinking about Lauren. He decides that it is unfair to start a relationship with Becca if he is still in love with someone else. Arie tells Becca he still has feelings for Lauren, but he thought he could sort them out. He also tells Becca that the closer he gets to her the less likely he feels his chances are with Lauren? Maybe I’m mistaken but I thought you were supposed to get closer to the woman you are going to marry? Becca tells Arie to leave and he will not leave. Becca goes into the bathroom to cry and Arie still will not leave. He knocks on the bathroom door and asks her if she is ok. Tonight we find out what Arie does about Lauren and if Lauren will love a man who broke her heart on national TV. I may be bad for saying this, but I hope Lauren rejects Arie. Something is telling me she won’t.




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