Bare Snacks

Hey y’all! Recently I have been receiving a lot of happy blog mail. One of my favorite things I have received is dried fruits from Bare Snacks. I am always on the go and looking for healthy and convenient snacks. These are both delicious and healthy.  Bare Snacks was kind enough to send me some tasty treats and I have spent the last two weeks trying them out. My favorites have to be the dried apples! Apples are my favorite fruit and these have the perfect crunch!

This weekend it was such nice and sunny weather. I decided to bring a blanket and lay out on our Horseshoe. I, of course, had to bring some snacks along so my Bare Snacks were the first thing to be packed in my bag. Not to mention, the crunch almost tricks you into thinking you are eating a chip, but without the guilt. My favorite are the Fuji and Reds apple crisps. They are gluten free, fat free, and have no added sugar. Plus they are only $3.99! So the next time you are in the snack aisle grab a bag from Bare Snacks!


bare snacks 2.JPG

bare snacks 3.JPG

bare snacks 6bare snacks 5bare snack 9

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