Why USC?

Hey y’all! So I have been asked many times why I chose my school. People ask why did you choose the Gamecocks and other sorts of stabbing questions. As many of you know I am from the small town of Fredericksburg, Virginia. I knew since I started high school that I loved the South and I did not want to stay in Virginia for college.

I am paying for my own college through financial aid, scholarship, and loans. I knew going out of state could have potentially been impossible, but that did not stop me from trying. I applied to 15 colleges. I covered my bases in the South and applied to many in Virginia so I would have options if I was forced to stay in state. My mom helped me every step of the way. This was a new experience for her too because both my sisters went to college in Virginia.

After I started getting my acceptance letters I went to visit many schools. It was different when I went to visit USC. The campus felt like home. I just instantly knew that was the school I was I meant to attend. Not to mention, I got into the Darla Moore School of Business which was an added bonus. Not only did I love the campus, but my mom did too. After that weekend we knew we had to do everything in our power to make it happen.

My Freshman year I met so many people. If you think they all have southern accents down here, you’re wrong. I am certain I have met more people who go to school here from New Jersey than any other place. Going two states away from home was very hard. It did not help that my 18 birthday was my first birthday I would spend away from my family and friends. I remember being so homesick I actually felt sick to my stomach. I thought maybe I did not make the right decision and I should have stayed closer to home. Until one day the homesickness just went away. I mean I still missed everyone, but it was manageable. The more I got involved the more I realized how amazing my school was and how much it had to offer. I was Secretary of my hall government, I attended my first SEC football game and went to some amazing concerts.

Academically I was succeeding. I was struggling to determine my major, but I loved the challenging classes. When it came time to apply for financial aid for the next school year, I knew I had to come back here. I knew my journey at USC would not end until the day I walk across the stage and receive my diploma. Now I am a second-semester Sophomore here and I am still loving it as much as I did when I first came. The campus is beautiful. The classes are challenging. The people are kind. Also, the city of Columbia has so many fun activities to participate in. From going to Carolina Fireflies games to getting Snoballs at Pelican’s, Columbia is the perfect college town. I look forward to my last two years at USC. On that note… GO GAMECOCKS!


cocks1cocks 2cocks 5.JPGcocks 3.JPG


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