Hey y’all! It has been a crazy week over here! I have been super productive since Monday morning. I kicked my migraine to the curb and hit the ground running. On Monday I attended all of my classes and then posted on the blog. I studied for my math quiz, got a bunch of packages, and brainstormed blog ideas.

Tuesday I attended all of my classes. The I, of course, watched the Bachelor and wrote my Bachelor Monday post. I also took a math quiz and aced it! Not to mention I sold some things on Poshmark and reached out to a bunch of brands. I am so excited because I will be receiving a lot of blog happy mail within the next two weeks. I will also be making two blog posts this week about some products I received in the mail on Monday. I will be talking about my new Peacock Paper planner and some goodies from Bare Snacks. I love how brands are starting to reach out!

The blog Instagram also hit 1,000 followers this week! This is a huge milestone for me! I am so happy I can hardly contain my excitement. The more followers I receive the more readers I will get on the blog and the more people my words will reach. I put so much time and money into this blog and I love to see it succeed! Being a college student it is sometimes hard to chisel out time for blogging or scrounging up enough money to invest in bettering the blog.

Tomorrow I have a huge math test so I have been studying for that all week. I plan to ace it. Spring break is a tease because we get so excited about it, but forget midterms come right before it. It is also a major tease because we get a little taste of our summer freedom. My spring break does not start until next Friday. I will be going home where it will be significantly colder than here at school. Don’t you just love that Virginia weather? I wish I were somewhere on a beach getting tan! At least I get some time with my best friend! What are you guys doing for spring break?


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