Women Tell All & Week 9

Hey y’all! So I was going to do a separate post yesterday but I decided to combine it into one today. We are going to do things a little differently today. I am first going to discuss the drama of women tell all and then go into last night’s episode of The Bachelor. So here it goes!

I will instead of summarizing the Women Tell All, I will depict and explain the most dramatic moments. I have to admit this was a good season for drama. First off, Caroline who was sent off in week 4, confronts Arie about his final rose decision. Now this is kind of annoying considering we will not know his decision for another week. She basically told him that she did not understand how he could make the decision that he did, but she hopes he found what he was looking for. Arie snappily replies back by saying he thinks it will all play out in the weeks to come. Shots fired Caroline. This just furthers my opinion of not liking Arie. Some people love him and some hate him. Personally, I am not a fan.

Next, we learn all about things Krystal said off the air. Remember when she was mad about the whole bowling fiasco? Well, she said some choice words about some of Arie’s body parts, but we will leave that unnamed. She was also attacked for calling the girls such rude names off camera. She responded by saying she would not have acted like that if she had not been so invested in her relationship with Arie. So basically she could not focus solely on her own relationship with Arie. Krystal is also probed to find out why her voice sounded so different on the show then it did during this interview. She claimed she lost her voice for 6 weeks. As an added bonus she did the voice because Chris Harrison just had to hear it. Krystal, we know your voice was not due to laryngitis, but instead, you were trying to do your sexy voice. Guess it did not work girl.

Now Tia is in the hot seat. She is asked all about her emotions due to being sent home right after hometowns. She said she was heartbroken and just as shocked to be sent home as the audience was. Chris then told Tia that after Arie sent her home he told Chris he did not know if he made the right decision. Tia said that was gut-wrenching as tears trickled down her face. I am personally still sad that Tia got sent home.

One of my personal favorite moments is when Chelsea and Marikh have a fight over “glam-shaming.” When they went to Tahoe Chelsea complained to Arie that Marikh was more interested in her hair and makeup than the actual date. Marikh then coined this term “glam-shaming.” Chris Harrison even took a poll to see how many of the ladies thought “glam-shaming” was actually a thing. What do you guys think? Chelsea, who is a model, then gave Marikh a compact as a peace treaty which Marikh declined and made sure to state she has plenty of her own. It remained on the floor near her chair.

Lastly, Krystal comes to sit on the couch next to Arie. Krystal said her usual bit about how she had to fight for time. Arie retorts, “yeah, but this is ‘The Bachelor’.” Arie said he was disappointed to see how Krystal actually was because he stuck up for her many times. Krystal also mentioned to Arie that her send home was a little cold. Arie disagreed by basically saying how he sent her home was much deserved.

Now onto Week 9. I am so excited because we are one week from the finale. Just because I am not the biggest fan of Arie does not mean I do not want him to find love. I am human after all. So to start out remember that we only have three girls left. We have Kendall, Becca K, and Lauren B. The group is headed to Peru this week for one-on-ones and trips to the fantasy suite.

Kendall starts off with the first date. She and Arie rode buggies on the sand dunes and even had a picnic there too. Kendall expresses her concerns about not being ready to get engaged at the end of this. She tells Arie the other girls are so ready to marry him and she just does not know if she is there yet. On this date, she also told Arie that she loved him and Arie said it back. She also accepted his invitation to the fantasy suite. In the morning they were excited about how much they learned about each other and even bonded over how they like their eggs.

Next up is Lauren’s date. The pair took an airplane tour of Peru. Which to no surprise at all was silent because Lauren is a woman of few words. Lauren tells Arie how she has considered leaving and going home because this is all too hard. She told Arie that she needs to feel like the only woman he is interested in. Honey this is The Bachelor and monogamy is not really what you signed up for. Arie tells Lauren he loves her and she says she loves him too. The two head off to the fantasy suite.

Becca is the last date of the week. She and Arie explore Peru by boat. Arie tells her that he thinks their relationship is so safe and comfortable. They later have dinner in a tent. Arie vocalizes his fear of not finding love at the end of this or picking the wrong person. Becca for the first time tells Arie that she loves him and he says he loves her too. They also whisk away to the fantasy suite.

It all seems to be going smoothly until Becca’s ex-boyfriend Ross shows up. Ross claims that Becca is his soulmate and he is going to get her back. Becca is quick to tell Ross that she cannot go back to their unhealthy relationship. Ross leaves without proposing and Becca heads to Arie’s room. She apologizes to Arie and Arie is in utter disbelief and confusion.

Despite the drama of the ex-boyfriend, Becca goes on to next week. Who is accompanying her? Well, Lauren of course. Finally, Kendall can go back home and sit among her taxidermied animals. Arie pulls Kendall aside and says their relationship just is not on the same page as the other two. Chris Harrison has said that next week is “unlike anything that’s ever happened.” Who do you want to get the final rose of this season?




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