Blue Jean Baby

Hey y’all! So this Sunday I went for a look that was relaxed and comfy. I enjoyed the day outside despite my horrible migraine. I have been soaking up all the sun and absolutely loving this warm southern weather. Sunday was spent relaxing, doing homework, resting, and running some errands. I decided it was a jeans day. I went for my favorite pair of jeans. They are holey American Eagle jeans. I paired it with a shirt my mom sent me in a package at school. This shirt is so cute and definitely my favorite article of clothing I own from Anthropologie.

I kept my shoes comfy with my white high top converse. I also kept my jewelry simple with some plain, thing gold hoops. Some days I just do not feel like being glamorous. Sometimes I have to really fight the urge to go to class in my sweatpants and slippers. Some days I actually go to class in my sweatpants and slippers. In college, it is all about balance. It doesn’t matter if I look bad during the week if I dress up on the weekends and take blog pictures right? More outfit posts coming soon!


blue jean baby2blue jean baby 3.JPG

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