Sister, Sister

Hey y’all! So I mentioned months ago that my oldest sister has a blog as well. I don’t want to take any credit, but I kind of begged her to start a blog. Although we are sisters, our style is wildly different. She is more vintage and cool, I am more like a preppy country club mom. Regardless, her outfits are pretty awesome and she has even started modeling for vintage clothing companies in New York. Also, some people swear we are twins!

So first a little background information. My sister has pretty much the coolest job ever. She is a graphic designer in the music industry. Basically, she gets paid to hang out with cool musicians and design their media for concerts and social media posts. Are you jealous yet? To top it off she lives in Brooklyn, NY in an awesome apartment. Trust me I go to visit every single chance I get. Most days I live vicariously through her.

On her blog, she shows how you can make vintage more current. She also shows how you can get a look with a vintage feel, but be wearing no vintage clothing. If I could dress like she does and pull it off I totally would. Unfortunately, vintage looks so out of place on me!

mick blog 1

mick blog 2

mick blog 3

These are some of her modeling photos for a vintage clothing brand. If you want to see more check out her Instagram. Her handle is @mcsaunders.mick blog 4

How fab is that coat? I think she and fur are having a major moment right now.

mick blog 5

This outfit is red hot! This photo also features a little peek into her apartment. Doesn’t this photo belong on the cover of a magazine?

mick blog 6

It might be a little nippy outside! This outfit is both entertaining and stylish. I dream about those boots on her feet!

mick blog 7.JPG

This is from this summer on my very first trip to NY! Such a great sister bonding experience!

mick blog 8.JPG

Just disregard how I look in this picture, but my sister looks so cute. I also need that “bad hair day” hat. Every day for me is a bad hair day.

mick blog 9.JPG

We were probably discussing some of the outfits we saw… I just love this picture. I mean look at her boots!

mick blog 10

This is the picture that actually made me want Adidas Superstars. I am going to get some I swear!

mick blog 12.JPG

I am pretty sure I made her take this picture because we were on the steps of The Met. Any Gossip Girl fans here? But… nonetheless, it shows off her cute outfit!

mick blog 14.JPG

Ok the last picture… but my sister is the queen of getting good shots for the blog and Instagram. When I am in NY all my Instagram and blog photos are all her idea! She is a genius! One day when I am rich and famous I might just ask her to follow me around with a camera. If you want to check out my sister’s blog I will link it here. I have blog envy and hope one day my pictures look that good!



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