Just Feed Me And Tell Me I’m Pretty

Hey y’all! So as promised I am back with more outfit details to share with you. Unfortunately, I was so busy taking photos yesterday and attending my classes that I did not have time to post on the blog. However, I am excited to share some spring outfits. Spring is my favorite season and I am obsessed with all the colors. I am also more than ready for it to be off-the-shoulder season once again.

As for the title of the blog post, I could not think of any lollipop captions beside lyrics from the Mika song. So I decided this one more accurately describes me even though I tend to not eat too many sweets! We adventured a little in downtown Columbia and stopped by Mast General Store. They have such cool and cute things. My favorite part was to see all the barrels of old-fashioned candy! I felt like I was a little kid again. So naturally, I had to buy a giant, colorful lollipop to accompany me in my pictures.orange 3orange 5

orangeorange 2

So this outfit is brought to you by clothing I did not purchase recently. My shirt is like the black and white grid one I posted last week. It is Michael Kors and came from Nordstrom a while ago. Classics never die right? My jean skirt, though it needs to be taken in now, is very stylish and affordable. It was especially affordable for me because mine came from my oldest sister! Perks of having sisters that are all around your clothing and shoe size! Now before you guys start flooding me with questions about my shoes. Two summers ago my best friend and I saw the cutest pair of pom pom sandals on Pinterest. Sadly, they were from Honduras and over $300. As we know, I am a sale shopper and I was struck by a brilliant idea. I had the idea to buy sandals and attach our own pom poms. We headed to Target and found the perfect orange wrap around sandals by Dolce Vita. Not to mention the sandals were on sale too! Then we purchased pom poms in different shapes and sizes. After a few hot glue injuries, we had ourselves matching sandals! Every time I wear these sandals I get so many complicates. Additionally, they are the perfect pop of color with so many outfits.

In addition to my bright colored sandals, I know I may get some questions about my nail color. I was painting my nails the other night and decided I was tired of the neutrals. I went digging in my bin and retrieved this bright cobalt polish. My nail polish is called Butler Please by Essie. Now do not look too closely at my nails because I painted them myself. It is safe to say that I will not be pursuing a career in nail art anytime soon!


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