Week 8

Hey y’all! It’s Tuesday so you know what that means… it is time for this week’s Bachelor recap. I am so excited to talk about this because hometowns are always my favorite week! First Arie goes to meet Kendall’s family in Los Angeles. She makes him taxidermy a rat? Honestly, I just do not see these two getting married. The main obstacle for Arie to overcome with Kendall’s family is her twin sister Kylie. Kendall and Kylie? You are kidding right? I feel like we are blending two reality tv shows right now. Apparently, Kylie reads energy. Kylie sees that they like each other, but she believes something is missing. Arie goes on to tell Kylie that the chemistry with Kendall is amazing. Who wants to hear that about their own sister? EW. Kylie then asks Kendall if she thinks she is really ready for marriage at the end of all of this. Kendall then tells her sister that her reaction to Arie saying he was falling in love with her was to kiss him. She also says she is not ready to be engaged at the end of this.

Now Arie is off to Weiner, Arkansas to meet Tia’s family. Anyone having major Raven flashbacks right now? As you all know Tia is my favorite. Tia sets up a little racing date for Arie. How thoughtful is that seeing as Arie only cares about racing and making out with everyone? Tia is ecstatic to be home which results in some major waterworks. Tia’s dad meets Arie and refuses to say his name correctly. From now on he is Airy. Tia’s concerned father and brother sit down with Arie and ask him about his nicknames of Playboy and The Kissing Bandit. Arie’s response is that he cannot give himself a nickname. Seriously Arie, don’t you think you should hold the sarcastic comments until you have at least known them for longer than 30 minutes? Arie tells Tia’s family that she is “a strong Southern girl who puts him in his place.” Her parents give their blessing because they trust Tia’s judgment. Tia then tells Arie that she is not falling in love with him anymore, but she is in fact in love with him. Oh, Tia…

Up next it is time to meet Becca’s family in Minnesota. She takes Arie to an apple orchard for their date. As you know Becca’s father died so her uncles have taken over the roles of a father figure and they are prepared to interrogate. Arie is told about Becca’s struggles with the death of her father and all Arie can say is that he has strong feelings for Becca. He gets a blessing out of Becca’s mom only because her mom loves her daughter and trusts her decision. At the end of the night, Becca tells Arie she keeps falling more and more for him. She also tells him he keeps stealing little pieces of her heart. This is the part where I was actually nauseated. I all the sudden felt like I was stuck in a really bad love poem.

Lastly, it is time to meet Lauren’s family. This is the only hometown visit where Arie is super nervous. At one point he has to excuse himself from the dinner table to wipe his sweat because he is on the verge of a panic attack. He even makes a remark about how he is more nervous now then he was when he raced in the Indy 500. Arie’s dad is a retired military man and makes a point to try to scare Arie. He says Arie must be willing to protect his daughter no matter what. The hardball approach was working until Arie mentioned that he went on one goodwill tour to Iraq and it won Lauren’s dad over. Lauren’s mom is the one who really gives Arie a hard time. She is not so sure their feelings are genuine. Arie’s bright idea is to tell Lauren’s mom that he feels comforted when he looks at Lauren. Uh, what? Then Lauren sits down with both her aunt and her mom. Her mom really does not think it is true love. Lauren insists it is. Then they all talk about how Lauren has never felt this way about anyone and that she usually really guards her heart. Um, she has been engaged twice before.

Now it is time for the rose ceremony. Before the rose ceremony starts Arie pulls Kendall aside. At this moment I thought he was going to send her home in private. He did not. Arie is trying to get an answer out of Kendall about whether or not she will be ready to be engaged at the end of this. Her answer is she is not ready now, but she does not want to lose Arie. He has many qualities she wants in a spouse. Well Becca, Lauren, and… Kendall get roses. Tia says her goodbyes to the girls and approaches Arie. As she hugs him she bursts into tears. She asks Arie what she did wrong. He does not even have an answer to give her. It’s ok Tia you deserve better anyway. In the limo, Tia bursts into tears again and says she is tired of not being enough. She is only 26, I think she still has time. Tia, I am sorry to see you go. This is exactly how sad I was when Raven was sent home last season. Tune in next week for the Women Tell All and Bachelor Monday!



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