50 Shades of Dark Circles Under My Eyes

Hey Y’all! Well as the title suggests I usually wake up a mess with dark circles. If you know me, you know I do not sleep. Sometimes I just cannot fall asleep or other times I fall asleep and wake up so many times during the night. wink

Last night I took melatonin melts that Wink Naturals kindly sent to me. Melatonin has not worked for me for quite some time. So I finished all my school work and was just watching Netflix. I could tell I was not going to be tired anytime soon. I decided to reach for my melatonin melts. You just chew them and let them sit in your mouth for 10-15 seconds before swallowing. You can also take two, but I just took one. I continued to just relax and lay in my bed. Before I knew it I was sound asleep. I woke only to the sound of my alarm at 6 am. For once, I did not feel the need to snooze my alarm for the millionth time. I sprang right out of my bed and started getting ready for the day. I also cleaned my room this morning. It is safe to say I was quite well-rested.

This is the most sleep I have gotten in months. I feel so rested and I look rested too. I did not even have to put on the industrial strength concealer today! Being in college and also being a dancer, it is so important for me to get sleep in order for my body to recover. Now thanks to Wink Naturals I will be getting the sleep I both need and deserve. I am going to recommend it to all of my friends. Another bonus is you do not even have to swallow the pill! You chew it and it has a fresh minty taste. If you have never tried it I urge you to order some on their website or I have even seen it on Amazon. Now that I know how quality their products are I want to try more! And for you mamas out there they have a great selection for kids! Thank you, Wink Naturals for choosing me to try your product.



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