Week 7

So this week starts off in Tuscany, Italy. Tuscany is a perfect city of love. There is wine everywhere, delicious food, wonderful views, and budding love.

First, there is a one-on-one with Becca K. Becca and Arie headed to Barga. They explored the city, tasted cheese and salami, and ended the night with a romantic candlelight dinner. At dinner, I swear nobody ate any food… they just made out. Arie and Becca admitted they are falling in love with each other. She received the rose and that means he will be going to Minneapolis to meet her family next week!

After Becca’s date, Jacqueline decides to confront Arie about her swirling doubts. She basically tells him that she thinks other ladies are more willing to be his wife and just pack up and move to Scottsdale. Arie tries to persuade her to stay, but she doesn’t, She immediately starts regretting her decision. She packs her bag and heads to the Rejects SUV. Can we say Bachelor in Paradise contestant?

The next day it is a one-on-one date with Lauren B. If you recall, Lauren had a date last week as well. Arie must be liking what he sees (more like what he kisses). The two meet in Luca for a bike ride and gelato date. Lauren does not say much which makes Arie nervous. He asks her over pizza about hometowns. She said it pretty much makes her nervous. However, she tells Arie what he wants to hear. She say that it is hard to put herself in a position to get hurt again, but she is falling in love with him. For a change, Arie is the one who becomes silent. Until Lauren prompts him to say something. Arie stands up and walks away from the dinner table. Lauren is worried she was too open to him. He apparently walked away to walk in circles because he is falling so deeply in love with her. And wait for it… Lauren smiles! The first time we have seen her show emotion towards Arie in well forever!

The last one-on-one date goes to Seinne. They go truffle hunting with an Italian man named Julio. As they are digging in the dirt for truffles, Arie tells the worst dad joke ever. Arie says, “I do dig Seinne… but can I dig deep enough?” Now that you all want to die due to the failure of that joke, we will move on. Julio invites them over for lunch for fresh pasta, pizza, and a side of prying questions.

Later they sit down for another meal to discuss hometowns. Seinne tells Arie she is open to a discussion about moving to Scottsdale. In girl language that is a hell no, I am not living there. Seinne also tells Arie that when they are not together she turns off her feeling for them. Honestly, I think she is the sanest one to ever be on The Bachelor. She should teach a class to future Bachelor contestants how to cope and compartmentalize. Then they go for a walk. Arie tells Seinne that he knows they have a connection but something is just not right. He picks up the rose. He keeps it. Goodbye Seinne!

The last date is the group date. Arie meets Kendall, Bekah, and Tia at Villa Royale. Arie now has two roses to hand out on this date because Seinne went home. Kendall talks to Arie and says she would not want to be in a long distance relationship so she would move to Scottsdale. She says she would just want to be with him not away from him. Tia is bothered by Bekah’s lack of experience in love and decides to tell Arie. Arie steers her back to talking about hometowns. Then Tia decides to confront Bekah herself. She tells Bekah that she is afraid that she will break Arie’s heart and at the end of the day he is looking for a wife. Bekah then goes running and crying into Arie’s arms. Arie asks her about how her parents opposed to her doing the show. Bekah said her parents were not against it they were just skeptical.

Now it is a two-on-one. Kendall got the first rose so she goes back home. Now it is just Tia and Bekah. Tia told Arie that her love for him grows deeper every time she sees him. Bekah told Arie she was falling for him and she has “faith” in their relationship. So which did Arie fall for? Well, Tia of course. Sorry, Bekah but you are still in your frat party years so you have plenty of time. Now we have our Final Four! Hometowns is my favorite week and I am so excited!



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