Follower Friday

Hey Y’all! I thought I would try something new and do a little follow Friday. I have some bloggers that I really enjoy their content on both their blogs and Instagram accounts. As a fairly new blogger I look up to many of the bloggers on this list and I aspire to have blogs and Instagrams as successful as theirs.

  1. @thecarolinedoll I wrote a post about her yesterday so check it out! Her clothes are perfection! caroline
  2. @corrine_monique her style is stylish, comfortable, and attainable. Not to mention her eyelashes are my lash goals. corinne
  3. @oliviarink her outfits are so stylish and I live vicariously through her NYC trips. olivia
  4. @megonomics101 Her posts are relatable and her outfits are well put together. Also, her company blondedayes has some adorable clothes. meg
  5. @morgbullard has the cutest little baby bump and I have been able to dm her about any questions I have had and she answers them so sweetly. morg
  6. @a_southerndrawl is body goals and relationship goals. southern drawl
  7. @thesisterstudioig has affordable, comfortable, and cute style. Plus she tells me about all the good sales going on. sister
  8. @southernatheart has the most real stories and the cutest little baby. southernatheart
  9. @loverlygrey has the cutest sweater collection I have ever seen and rocks my favorite half bun hairstyle. loverlygrey
  10. @belleoftheball has the best preppy style and she is a college student so is relatable for me. belleoftheball
  11. @dailydoseofprep kills the photo game and her blog is organized so well. dailydose
  12. @courtney_shields makes me want to do BBG and her house decor is perfection. courtney
  13. @nashvilletash has the best accent I have ever heard and such colorful style. She is always so positive too! nashville
  14. @adallasblonde has such cute clothes and her Instagram is so much cuter than mine! dallasblonde
  15. @brooke_kenney takes the artsiest photos and her dog is cute too! IMG_5741

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