Girlboss: The Caroline Doll

Hey Y’all! So today I wanted to share one of my all-time favorite dressers and girl bosses. Her name is Caroline Kalentzos. She runs a company which she founded called Posh PR. Actually, she is hiring right now! She is in need of a Fashion PR Coordinator, also known as, my dream job. So basically, my dream life is her reality… a girl can wish.

So Posh PR links brands to their ideal client. She customizes a plan to fit the need of your company. She does the best job of understanding your business and marketing it in order for you to meet your sales and widen your brand awareness. She can really bring your brand to the next level. She has everything: personal content, copywriter, social media expert, website developer, and graphic designer to cater to your specific needs. But wait… the best news is she works with blogs too!

Now on her personal blog, she discusses her lifestyle, fashion, travel, tv series, diary, and her best girlboss tips. My favorite part of her blog is her style. Her wardrobe is to die for. So I have teamed up with Caroline herself to show you three of her favorite looks.

caroline doll 2

This look is simple yet adorable. Her dress is Tobi, shoes Manolo Blahnik, and her purse Louis Vuitton of course. Her style is luxurious, simple, and super feminine. Post-college Olivia will have a wardrobe like this. Until then I will live vicariously through Caroline!

Caroline doll 1

As you may see, her signature color is pink. Now pink is one of my favorite colors as well and I just love the feminine touch she brings to her outfits with the touch of pink. This outfit is one of my favorites because she is wearing my most coveted pair of shoes. I have dreams about those Valentino shoes on her feet!

caroline doll 3

Her last look is both attainable and functional. She kept the outfit simple with a touch of leopard print. Of course, every girlboss needs some animal print in their closet. Also how amazing is that Louis Vuitton purse?

If you are not drooling right now or beaming with wardrobe envy than go take a peek at her Instagram. Her Instagram handle is @thecarolinedoll. Also if you are interested in working with her company I have linked her website here. Not only is Caroline super stylish, she is also such a nice person and a joy to talk to. Now I get why she is called the Caroline DOLL! xoxo

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