Hey y’all! So it is already time for this week’s update! Wednesdays sure do come fast! This week has been nothing short of insane. This past weekend I took a spontaneous trip to my hometown. I needed to go home to rest and recharge. I was drained from the last couple of weeks. I got to take some nice baths and my mom made the best steak and chicken dinner.

Then Monday hit and it hit hard. I am still struggling with my strained hip flexor so ballet has been a challenge. I am fighting through it! Monday was spent dancing, studying, catching up on the blog, and cleaning. Tuesday I had a test which I received a 98 on! Today I had dance. I came home and healthy meal prepped. Then I cleaned my entire room and Clorox wiped our apartment. Everyone here is sick! Yuck! I also received some really fun things in the mail today also! I received a skirt, a sweater, and some shoes! Tomorrow at 8:30 I have a math test. Friday I have a quiz on the muscular system. Saturday I will be occupied with taking blog photos and writing blog posts for next week! I am so excited to share some things with you guys. Sunday will be a lazy Sunday until I have to kick it into high gear to study for my Retailing test Monday. After my test Monday, my workload will lighten a little, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, this Valentine’s Day will consist of me watching chick flicks and binging on Halo Top by myself. My boyfriend and I sadly won’t be together! I guess next week’s weekly skinny will be on Valentine’s Day so I will update you guys then!

I would also like to take this opportunity to ask you guys some questions! I was thinking of starting a snapchat for the blog. This way I can show you guys my everyday outfits, notify you when I make a new post, and update you on shopping. Would you guys be interested? I was also considering making a google doc survey where you guys can tell me exactly what you want to see on the blog! I will let y’all know on Instagram! I hope all of you lovelies are having a great week! Also stay healthy! xoxo

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