Week 6

Bonjour! This week Arie and his group of women flew to Paris! We soon find out that this week will have the two-on-one date! This has got to be the most awkward date by far on The Bachelor. Krystal is confident she will get the two-on-one. So confident that she says, “I wonder who will be on the two-on-one with me. I’m not backing down or running away.”

The last remaining Lauren gets the first one-on-one date. They start with a boat ride down the Seine. Arie says Lauren has really been letting her personality show these last few weeks… personally, I do not see it. Her reactions always look the same. As they are walking through the streets in silence, Arie tries to start a conversation by pointing out amazing landmarks. Lauren reacts to each one the same. She simply utters “wow.” Arie takes her silence as maybe she does not like him. Is she playing hard to get or really has nothing to say? Lauren barely starts talking about how she has trust issues when Arie chimes in. He got his girlfriend pregnant. When he found out she was pregnant he cut back on racing, but he was gone when she miscarried the baby. His girlfriend was gone by the time he got back. Finally, this is enough to get Lauren to speak. She tells Arie she has been afraid to tell him things. She reveals that her parents are still together but they have not had an easy marriage. We also learn she had a failed engagement. Now we realize where those trust issues came from and not to mention Arie is loving every moment of this.

Now it is group date time! Oh, man, do I love a group date! On the date is Becca K, Seinne, Bekah M, Tia, Chelsea, and Jenna. The girls soon find themselves walking into a cabaret called Moulin Rouge. They find out that they will be learning a routine and Tia tells us she is a horrible dancer. Well… she was not lying. Instead of the girls all performing in front of a live audience, only the girl with the date rose will perform with Arie in tow. At the cocktail party, Arie says he will be giving the rose based on connection not based on the booty shaking he saw earlier. At the cocktail party, we learn some interesting information. Bekah M said she is jealous of the other girls, Tia is daydreaming about Arie, and Seinne tells Arie in French that she is really happy to be in Paris with him. The rose goes to… Bekah. I was shocked. Not only did she probably have to call her mom for permission to get on the airplane, but she is just too young for Arie.

Now it is time for the two-on-one date. Kendall and Krystal! Their date starts at a chateau. Arie sneaks away with Krystal to ask her some questions about the unfortunate events of last week. Maybe he should ask her why she is so psycho? She tells him she should have come back and talked to him, it would never happen again, and she does not want to ruin their relationship. Arie eats it up as always. She then starts firing shots at Kendall. She says Kendall has never been in love and she is not ready to get married. She also says she is 99% sure Kendall is going home. Kendall responds with poise and kindness. She acts maturely when Arie tells her what Krystal says and she even approaches Krystal with compassion. Then the girls think it is rose time, but Arie needs more time. Time for dinner! The girls arrive at dinner before Arie and Krystal pretty much tells Kendall not to patronize her. Arie appears so nervous… but Krystal goes home! Finally Finally Finally we send fitness Barbie back home where she belongs!

Now onto the last date. This date is a one-on-one with Jacqueline. Unfortunately, the car breaks down right after Arie picks her up. To make up for it, Arie buys her a fancy dress and takes her to dinner. Arie worries she is too smart for him, which she is. She has 6 more years until she finishes her Ph.D. Arie makes sure to tell her that he would never want her to give up her dreams to have a relationship with him, but regardless she gets the rose.

Rose Ceremony! Everyone gets roses except for Chelsea and Jenna. I have nothing against single moms, but Chelsea was not a favorite of mine. Plus now she gets to go back home with her son. The girls that get roses are Tia, Seinne, and Becca. Honestly, I thought Jacqueline was going to be a goner. Arie has nothing in common with Kendall. And Bekah is way too young! I cannot wait to see what next week brings! xoxo

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