New Year, New Logo

logoHey y’all! I am so excited to announce that not only do I have my own URL now, but I also changed the theme of the blog! Now Virginia is for Prepsters officially has its own logo! It took me a long time to decide who I wanted to do the logo… but I found the perfect person! Meg from @mbpreps did my logo and I could not be happier.

She is starting a side business of doing logos and you are missing out if you do not have her design yours. She was fast, took direction, followed my vision, and even followed my color scheme. She made my logo in one day and emailed it to me the next day. Her logos are also very budget friendly for a college girl and miserly spender like me. Logos are not the only thing she does. She is a brand rep for Jadelynn Brooke and her Instagram is super cute so I encourage y’all to give her a follow!

In college, it is hard to find money to put into the blog, but wherever I get an extra dollar I try to invest it into growing my blog. I am investing in something I enjoy and something I want to keep doing throughout my life. No, I am not instafamous or have a huge following, but I am getting there! I have blog envy because of all the adults with stable income… I will be there soon I hope! If you are a blogger and do not get many page views or likes on your Instagram, I still encourage you to keep going if it is something you like to do! Even if no one is reading it, do it for yourself. However, I am so thankful to my loyal readers and I hope you keep checking back here to see what new content I have. xoxo

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