This week has been so overwhelming. Is anyone with me? This weekend was spent practicing driving, grocery shopping, cooking, running errands, and so many more things. I did not end up going to Charleston so I stuck around campus. Dance has been killer, but super fun.

Also this week I have been a bit under the weather in addition to being buried in piles of homework and laundry. Honestly, I am just holding my breath until Friday. This weekend I am going to attempt to get some fresh new blog photos and have some me time. I am thinking it is time to paint my nails, pluck my eyebrows, do some face masks, and catch up on my beauty sleep. This week I have looked far from beautiful. I wore Target slippers to class… I don’t want to even talk about it.

Also I don’t know if any of my loyal readers have noticed, but… Virginia is for Prepsters has its very own URL now! In addition, I am getting my very first logo designed as well. I am so excited for the future of the blog and have been working very hard to make it look more organized and professional. The blog has a new theme as well. I would like to keep writing exciting things for you guys.I want to know what new and fresh content you guys want to see on the blog! So if you have any suggestions comment on this post, direct message me on Instagram, or email me I look forward to what success this blog will have in the future! xoxo

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