Week 5

So obviously, it isn’t Monday, but as usual, I am late to the game. This week on the Bachelor was quite dramatic. The only question I have is how is Krystal still in the running? Anyways, Arie takes the girls to Fort Lauderdale. Arie calls it “a beautiful place to fall in love.” Uhhh gross…

So the first date is one-on-one with Chelsea. As many of you remember, she is the one who is bordering 30 with a child. Despite that fact, she is ecstatic for Arie to get to know her as herself and not just as a mom. Their yacht date turns up the heat when they start making out on the jet ski. The kissing bandit strikes once again.

Then Maquel comes back. If you recall she left for a whole week due to the death of her grandpa. All the other women fill in Maquel on what Arie has been up to. Maquel soon finds herself among other girls behind a telescope watching Arie and Chelsea reliving the Titanic scene on the front of the boat. Also disgusting… Arie then takes Chelsea to dinner at an old car museum. Over dinner, Arie probes Chelsea about her past relationship and we come to learn it is quite tragic. But is Arie really ready to be a father to someone else’s child? The night ends with a private concert by someone named Tenille Arts that resembles Tia honestly and of course, she receives the date rose.

Next is the group date. On this date is Maquel, Krystal, Bekah M, Becca K, Jenna, Seinne, Kendall, Ashley, Marikh, Jacquline, and Lauren B. They have no time to spare, so they meet Arie at the bowling alley. Arie decides to split the girls into two groups. They name themselves the Pin ups and The Spare Roses. The Pin ups are Seinne, Marikh, Lauren, Bekah, Ashley, and Kendall. The Spare Roses are Krystal, Jenna, Becca, Maquel, and Jacqueline. The stakes are high. The winning team goes to the after party and the losing team goes back to the hotel. The Spare Roses win. Arie changes his mind and lets the other team join the party. Krystal is furious and on the way home tells all the girls that she is so mad and that Arie is a liar. Krystal decides she is not going to the party. Arie then goes up to her room to check on her, but he tells her he is upset with her for putting his character into question and that she should stay home tonight. Arie then proceeds to make out with Kendall, Bekah, and Becca. It was going as normal until Krystal shows up to the party. She gets so many bad reactions that she heads back to her room.

Finally, Tia has her date the next day. They get a fan boat tour of the Everglades. They spot gators and end up at a cabin. Gerald, the owner of the cabin, serves them a dinner of frog legs, catfish, and deep fried corn on the cob. Tia and Arie have easy conversation and Tia tells him that she is falling for him more and more. They even talk about religion, but you can tune in to find out about that one on your own. Then Tia tells Arie she is falling in love with him. He eats it up and does his famous push and smooch move.

Now time for the rose ceremony. The girls are all still really upset with Krystal. Krystal has been hiding in her room for two days, but she told Arie she was growing and thinking about their fight. Krystal spun a childhood story to work as an excuse for why she fought with Arie. Damn, she deserves and award for her bullshitting. Again Krystal snakes her way into getting a rose. Ashley, Marikh, and Maquel get sent home. Let’s pray next week Krystal will be sent back to the house to pack. xoxo


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