Monday Motivation

So here we are again… back to Monday. I wish I were saying back to bed instead. I decided I would start this week off with some tips on how to stay motivated in college. The thing you constantly hear in high school is that they are preparing you for your workload in college. Spoiler alert: nothing in high school really prepares you for college. They are two different ball games. In high school, I had 8 hour days followed by work and then dance class after that. My day did not usually end until 12 or 1 in the morning. Not because I was slacking in my work, but because I did not have free time to do homework until about 10 pm.

In college, you do not have 8 hour days. However, I still dance in college so I still do not have an abundance of time on my hands. The other nice thing about college is that you generally only have two to three classes a day. There is more pressure on you in college to stay on top of your work. For example, I am going to apply to law school so if I cannot handle this course load than I will never be successful in law school. Not to mention, if I let my grades slip I will not be accepted into law school. Additionally, missing a day of class in college is like missing a week. You miss so much material in one class. Luckily, I have found some tips that work for me in keeping my motivation high.

Morning Classes. People give 8:30 am classes such a bad rep. I have an 8:30 every day but Fridays and I love it. Although some days I hit snooze 3 times, morning classes force me to get up and moving. I am more productive the earlier I rise. If I sleep in I am slow to get moving. Waking up and going to class early means I am also done early and have more time to get things done.

Plan, Plan, Plan. I cannot stress this enough. I have naturally always been a planner, but I encourage everyone to purchase an agenda. I write everything school related in my Lilly agenda. Here is my golden rule: if it is not written in the agenda, it does not happen. I am also a list person. I love to check things off my list. Also seeing everything I have to do that day written into a consolidated list in front of me makes me feel more at ease.

Sleep. Before coming to college everyone talks about all the all-nighters you will pull. This could not be more false. If you stay on top of your work and studying than an all-nighter will never be necessary. Sleep is important in order to keep you productive and make you successful. I have yet to pull an all-nighter in college.

Keep Your Space Clean. I am a little OCD when it comes to the cleanliness of my room and especially my desk. Having a clean space to escape to is very calming. If you come into your room to a mess you will be more stressed. I make a point to tidy up my room every day. Mess=stress.

Write Your Own Goals. As I said I am a list kind of girl. I am also a visual person. I write my goals in a notebook or if I am having a really rough week I write them on my mirror in expo marker. Seeing my goals reminds me of why I am doing all this. It encourages me to push through when I feel like quitting. I think this is the most important step. xoxo

2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. I LOVE morning classes! I don’t have to be there until 9:15, but always find myself arriving at 8:30! Some people think it’s a little odd but I can get in and get on with things either personal or college related and feel much more prepared for the day ahead. Writing goals is also great I make daily, weekly and monthly goals constantly checking them off and adding to them! X

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