On My Soapbox

I would like to take a moment to discuss my personal opinion on the new Instagram algorithm. As many of you know we had an update a while ago that took away the chronological order of our feeds. Now they have changed the algorithm yet again. Not only does this Instagram algorithm decrease the number of likes on both my blog Instagram and my personal Instagram, it also does not help small accounts like mine. As a blogger, Instagram is an important way for me to get views on my blog. It is also how I connect with a company as well as other bloggers.

It even makes it nearly impossible for my followers to see my posts. Instagram is looking for the people you follow and what they post and deciding whether or not to show you certain posts. Basically what is happening is that Instagram is showing your posts to a few your followers and if they like it then they will show it to more of your followers.

Another problem this is bringing about is that when I collaborate with companies they look at how many people see my page and like the post I made with their product in it. If I do not meet certain quotas than I will no longer be a rep for them. Also not as many people will see my coupon codes and miss out on sales and additionally I will miss out on commission.

It is already so hard to be in college and find the time and a person to spend hours taking blog photos for you. Now people are barely even seeing those photos. So if you enjoy my photos and updates than head on over to my Instagram. In order to keep seeing my posts you have to comment on some photos, like pictures, and turn on my post notifications. I know it is a lot, but I want to connect with you guys! If you are a blogger and you are also struggling due to the new algorithm, we can do this! xoxo

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