The Bachelor Week 4

Well this week on The Bachelor, we finally find out how old Bekah is! I don;t know who else is feelin’ 22 but Bekah is! That was a shocker. She is by far the youngest and girls keep saying Arie wants a woman not a girl.

So the traveling portion of the season has officially started. The girls join Arie in Lake Tahoe. Kendall believes this is her time to shine because of the taxidermy-filled walls of their hotel. She thinks that stuffed animals are beyond romantic. The first one-on-one date in Lake Tahoe goes to Seinne. She goes parasailing with Arie. After the date we pan back over to the hotel. We soon learn that Maquel decides to leave because her grandfather died. Honestly, I do not even know which one Maquel is. Continuing on with the Seinne and Arie date, Seinne tells Arie she is afraid of disappointment. Then why are you on this show? She also reveals her parents had a hard marriage and she quickly learned that love is hard. Arie then tells her this could be her chance for true love and gives her the date rose. They then attend a country concert and the couple dance terrifyingly.

The following day is a group date. Among those attending are: Chelsea, Krystal, Becca, Marikh, Ashley, Jacqueline, Jenna, Tia, Kendall, Lauren, Brittany, and Caroline. They go for a hike and meet up with some people to learn some survival skills. First is how to drink your own pee… Arie drinks apple juice. They then move on to eating bugs. Kendall, Arie, and Tia all eat an earthworm. Krystal is not so down-to-earth and reveals this date is below her. Not to mention Krystal is less than thrilled when Kendall steals a kiss from Arie. The final portion of the date they are split into groups and set free in the oasis. Arie helps them all across a log and the women are swooning. They then find themselves in a hot tub. The girls get heated when Arie puts his arm around Krystal which results in Arie sitting in the middle of the group. Krystal is upset. During the evening part of this date, Arie pulls Lauren away for a surprise. The surprise just turns out to be a fire and Lauren asked Arie what he looks for in a woman. Number one is a flexible schedule? The second thing he looks for is independence because he supports gender equality. Next Kendall tells Arie about her taxidermied duckling. His name is Ping. She goes on to tell him she carries it around everywhere. In fact, it was in the pocket of her hoodie today. Next up is Krystal, surprise surprise. She tells Arie she wishes she had not had her one-on-one so early and turns on the fake tears. After she is done talking to Arie, the tears dry up and she decides to pull Tia and Caroline aside. She tells them she was really hurt earlier when the hot tub incident occurred. Tia was not listening to any of her bullshit. Then Tia goes to Arie. She tells Arie she is scared he is starting to like other girls. Then he reassures her with a kiss. At the end of the night, Tia gets the rose. If we are being completely honest. My favorite as of now is Tia. She reminds me so much of Raven from last season, and the best part is that they are friends!

Now it is time for Bekah’s date. She and Arie explore Lake Tahoe on horseback. They discuss their great physical chemistry and soon find themselves toasting in the hot tub. He asks her if she is ready for marriage and she essentially says no. However, Arie does not send her home just yet. At the end of the night Bekah is handed a rose and Krystal is exploding.

The cocktail party is canceled and it is straight to the rose ceremony. Right before the rose ceremony begins Krystal asks Arie if she can speak to him for a minute. At the end of the night we are saying goodbye to Brittany and Caroline. Unfortunately, Krystal does not go home. When Krystal goes home I will be one happy girl. Arie please see through her fake exterior. Until next week! xoxo



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