The Bachelor Week 3

Hey y’all. I am sorry I have been absent from the blog, but I was thoroughly enjoying some time at home before I went back to school. Then on Tuesday I hit the ground running with a full schedule. Let’s just say that dancing ballet four times a week is not good for my old lady body. However, it has been super rewarding to be dancing full time again!

Obviously, this week has been crazy. I just watched Monday’s episode of the Bachelor yesterday… slacking I know. But here goes my first Bachelor post. For those of you who watch I feel like we need a group chat because after I watch I need to vent about it. None of my roommates watch it and I am pretty sure that is the absolute last thing my boyfriend wants to talk about, let alone watch.

So the episode starts the day after the rose ceremony. Krystal is on the bad side of many of the girls for robbing their time with Arie. Now in my opinion, Krystal’s voice hurts my ears and I see right through her. So in this argument, I would have to side with Bibiana. Bibiana is too sassy and dramatic I think for Arie anyways, but she does bring up a good point about Krystal. So this week there are two group dates and one one-on-one date. The first group date has a clue that reads: “It’s all about the ring.” So the Lululemon wearing girls head out for the date. This group date consists of: Maquel, Jaqueline, Lauren B, Tia, Marikh, Bekah M, Bibiana, and Krystal. They soon find out they will be learning how to wrestle from two badass pro wrestlers. The phrase most used during this date is “out of my element.” Bibiana and Tia cannot take the trash talk from the pro wrestlers and sit out for a while. After some tears are shed they decide they have to do it to show Arie they are strong and willing to fight for him. The girls all wrestle each other in some interesting costumes with some equally interesting routines. Some of which were so sexual that you could feel the discomfort of the audience through the camera. However, my favorite part of the night is where Arie fights Kenny. I am not going to spoil it all by telling you who wins each match. You will have to see for yourself. Post wrestling they go to an RV-themed bar for some late night cocktails. Krystal of course steals Arie first. Did we expect anything less? The girls soon realize Krystal is not backing down so they better step their game up. Bekah gets the group date rose.

Lauren S gets a one-on-one date card that says: “You had me at Merlot.” Arie takes her to wine country. They walk around and taste test lots of wine. The conversations get cringy at this point. Lauren gets flustered and tells lots of stories and Arie gets bored and starts actually eating dinner. Lauren does not get the first date rose because Arie tells her basically that her family is very important to her and she should go home to spend time with them. This was just so weird to me…

The second group date consists of: Ashley, Becca K, Brittany, Jenna, Chelsea, Caroline, and Annaliese. The card reads: “Love can be ruff!” So everyone’s immediate assumption is that the date deals with dogs. Of course, someone has to have had some traumatic dog experience and this time it would be Annaliese. So the girls play with dogs and then put on costumes and put on a show? Chelsea states that this date is really like her real life and she gets the rose. Now we get to a pretty juicy part. It is time for the cocktail party and Bibiana is determined to have her time. She sets up a daybed and a telescope to enjoy with Arie. Unfortunately, she does not snag him fast enough and he ends up making out with one of the other blondes on the daybed. Arie keeps going to the daybed with all these other girls, but not Bibiana.

On the opposite side of the story, Annaliese is having a panic attack. She realizes she is the only girl who has not kissed Arie. She then decides that if she does not kiss him that night then it is over because that would mean they have no physical chemistry. Annaliese takes Arie to the balcony and basically tells him she is not confident enough to make the first move toward a kiss. Awkward, because all the other girls initiated the first kiss not Arie. She still does not kiss Arie. Later in the night she makes attempt number 2. Arie said they are not ready for a kiss. Annaliese asks him if he sees a future for them and he says no. Annaliese eliminates herself and leaves the house. During the rose ceremony, everyone receives a rose except for Bibiana. I cannot wait to tune in next week! Who do you want to win the Bachelor this season? xoxo

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