Favorite Podcasts

Hey y’all! So this might be a boring post for some of you, but a lot of people showed interest in what podcasts I listen to. I am a big fan of podcasts and listen to them every week. So I am going to list the blogs I subscribe too and maybe a little description. I am always looking for new podcasts and I would love your suggestions! xoxo

  1. How I Built This: This is a podcast about entrepreneurs who now run very successful and popular companies. Some examples are: Kate Spade, Kendra Scott, Clif Bar, Patagonia, etc.
  2. Scrubbing in with Becca Tilley: Becca Tilley is one of my favorite Instagram follows and she talks about The Bachelor, Greys Anatomy, This is Us, Friends, dating, relationships, music, sports, and lots more.
  3. Anna Faris is Unqualified: she talks about relationships and she is simply hilarious.
  4. The Misses Ambitious Podcast: They talk to lady bosses each week and talk about marketing.
  5. The Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast: This is the Bachelorette and Bachelor podcast I listen to after I watch the week’s episode.
  6. Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe: This is a podcast for all you mamas.
  7. U up?: This is a really funny podcast by Betches. If you know Betches.com, it is really funny and sassy.
  8. Young and Happy: This is by Barstool Sports. It covers mainly college sports.

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