That’s a Wrap Fall 2017!

Hey y’all. After this crazy week I am back and better than ever. Finals week sure did get the best of me! Here is how my week went: Monday I had a ballet final which consisted of a written exam and a dance assessment, Tuesday was all-day studying, Wednesday I had a history final and a biology final, Thursday I had a political science final, and today I had Anthropology and Spanish. I know you are probably thinking why is she not completely dead and asleep right now… well to tell you the truth I am wired because of endless cups of coffee.

On Tuesday I took a much needed study break and walked around the South Carolina statehouse and looked at the gorgeous Christmas tree. It was a beautiful day and I kept my outfit casual. I wore a choker neck chenille sweater by Altar’d State paired with holey jeans by Aeropostale, a charcoal Barbour jacket, and pink quilted shoes from Target. Comfort was the main drive behind my outfits this past week, but I will be sharing some much cuter outfits while in New York next week! xoxo


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