Christmas Traditions

Christmas is just 10 days away and now that finals are out of the way… hello holiday season! Christmas is my favorite holiday and my family is very rich in tradition so I thought I would share some traditions with you.

Every Christmas Eve we go out to my grandparents’ house to cook our usual Christmas dishes. We eat roast beef, shrimp, sweet potato casserole, green beans, mashed potatoes, rolls, Merry Christmas Cranberry mold, and we top the whole meal off with homemade fudge. After cooking all day, we go back home and take showers and get in our pjs. My two sisters and I usually read The Night Before Christmas in front of the Christmas tree. Next, we exchange our sister and mom presents! After that my sisters and I attempt to pile in one bed to watch Christmas movies. Our favorites are White Christmas, Elf, and The Grinch! When we were younger we used to stay up all night due to the anticipation of the arrival of Santa Claus. Now we are like grandmas and go to sleep without fret.

When we wake up in the morning my mom always has the same routine. She makes us stop at the top of the steps and take a picture. After the 1000th picture, we head to the tree to open our gifts. Without fail, my oldest sister unwraps her gifts the slowest. She really savors every moment. We then have a fashion show to model all of our new clothes. Shortly a brief nap follows and then we get ready in a flash! We head out to our grandparents’ house. We open our gifts there and then eat our family meal! These are traditions I intend to pass down to my children because they meant so much to me growing up! What Christmas traditions does your family have? xoxo


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