Weekly Skinny: 12/03/17

Hey Y’all! This week I have been finding it hard to get out of bed. So yesterday was spent just kind of relaxing after classes and trying to get organized. I also spent the past weekend at home and spending quality time with my boyfriend, who I won’t see until Christmas day!

The next three weeks will be insane! This week is my last week of classes. I have been busy making to-do lists and finishing study guides. Next week I have my first final on the 11th and my last final on the 15th! Then on the 18th, I am NYC bound to see my big sister! I will be in NYC for about 5 days and then we are headed home for the holidays on the 23rd. My boyfriend gets home 13 minutes until Christmas and that is the best gift of all! This is our first Christmas together and I could not be more excited!

I am doing a weekly skinny this week because I might not have a chance to do one next week. Instead of blogging, I will be buried under a stack of textbooks and study guides. If you don’t hear from me just know finals weeks has gotten the best of me. The thing really getting me through is that Christmas is in 3 weeks! Can you believe it? xoxo

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