Finals Frenzy Survival Guide

Finals week is quickly approaching on my campus, but you may already be in finals. This week we call Dead Week here at USC. Last year as a Freshman I really had no idea what to expect when it came to final exams. I was unsure of how to prep and study for them. If you are anything like me, I hate to feel underprepared and inexperienced. That being said I thought I would share some tips.

Study a little every night. Well, it may be a little late for this now, but better late than never. I began reading over my notes every night. It sounds stupid and you may not think your brain is retaining any information just reading through your notes before bed, but it is.

Silent section of the library or study rooms. Now this tip does not work for me at all. I cannot study in the quiet so I generally study in my room with music playing. (I blame growing up doing homework at a dance studio and having two older sisters.) However, if you are easily distracted I highly recommend going to the quiet areas of the library where there will be no noise.

Rewrite your notes. I am very much the type of person that if I write it I will know it. I am personally way more of a fan of handwriting my notes than typing them. Some of my professors ban all electronics and force us to handwrite notes because it is proven you obtain more information.

Quizlet App I am not kidding when I tell you there is an already existing Quizlet set for everything! Also you can create your own flashcards and study them when you are on the go or sitting waiting for your next class. I am a firm supporter of Quizlet.

Always have pencils and blue books. Nothing is worse than thinking you have a blue book and then having to run to the bookstore before your exam to purchase one. Even worse than that is going to exam with a Scantron and you only having a pen when you know you need a pencil. Be prepared.

Get a good night sleep. I did not get this my Freshman year. I went with the typical finals all-nighters and it was not my smartest move. Believe it or not your brain works better when it is well-rested.

Make a study schedule. Every semester of college so far I have had 6 finals. That is a lot of studying. I make a schedule of when I will study for which class. Also alternating makes sure I do not get burnt out on overstudying for one class.

Take breaks. No matter how short they are, take breaks, If you are studying for an hour straight, take a 5 minute timed break to stretch, eat a snack, drink water.

Finals week does not mean eat all the junk food. Finals week you are going to need all of your energy and brain power. You will not get that from eating a whole back of chips. So trade the chips for carrots. Your brain and body will thank you later.

Good luck on your finals! xoxo


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